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“Ridiculous” like YG: Postponing the release date of Lisa’s new product because she was busy going to Mid-Autumn Festival?

Mid-Autumn Festival takes the lights to go out, but it seems that YG's team is a bit far away, so it's time to run the deadline!

Besides LALISA , fans are looking forward to Lisa ‘s performance stage for the b-side song ” MONEY” in the album. We should have enjoyed that stage on the evening of September 22. However, on the afternoon of September 22, YG had a “crash” phase when announcing the postponement of this product’s release schedule to tomorrow for a reason “oh my god”.

The special stage for Lisa’s b-side song “MONEY” has been delayed

According to YG’s announcement, the MONEY stage will be released at 10 pm on September 23 (Vietnam time). The reason Lisa’s product was delayed is because of the Chuseok holiday (Mid-Autumn Festival): “We ask for your understanding because the process to improve the video quality has taken longer than expected due to the holiday season. Chuseok. Once again, sincerely thank the fans who have given so much attention and love to the solo album LALISA!” .

YG’s announcement about the change of MONEY product release schedule (translated above)

YG’s announcement made fans angry because of the company’s negligence:

– Well, YG doesn’t know that it’s Chuseok, why did they arrange the schedule to win the ceremony and then move it?

– Even a company like YG that didn’t check the date before the announcement.

– The mid-range company is so playful.

– U is wait, making me sit and look at my eyes.

– Why play Mid-Autumn Festival that you can’t run the deadline?

– It’s like a mid-range company, so holidays are holidays.

– Due to busy holidays, I can’t run on deadline. Nothing to say. The company moves from top to bottom.

– That sounds like a joke.

– Chuseok is a big holiday in Korea, the lack of manpower and being affected is obvious. 1 day late, not 1 month, 1 year as long as there are good quality products.

How do you go to the Mid-Autumn Festival but you’re always late for the deadline, YG?

Chuseok is a big festival in Korea, so the delay in the product is understandable. However, many people still think that YG should carefully check the calendar before announcing the product release date to make fans confused.

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