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Knet chooses the line-up Street Woman Fighter idol version: BLACKPINK, TWICE, Red Velvet fight “dry blood”

Fighting on all fronts is still not "bloody enough", Knet also wants BLACKPINK, TWICE, Red Velvet to fight at Street Woman Fighter!

Street Woman Fighter is one of the most popular reality shows in Korea since its broadcast at the end of August. The show is really a fierce battle with the participation of a series of famous dance groups such as YGX, LACHICA, WANT, WAYB, CocaNButter…

The show gathers many famous dancers in Korea

Although most of the teams participating in Street Woman Fighter are well-trained and experienced in professional dancing, the competition also features many idols such as former IZ*ONE member Chae Yeon , guests include Choi Yoo Jung (Weki Meki), Yves (LOONA), Sooyoung ( SNSD ).

It was the participation of these idols in Street Woman Fighter that excited Knet and immediately launched a “genuine” line-up if the show had another version for idol dance battle. Below are the votes given by Korean netizens.

Have you imagined the scene where the female idol dance battle is extremely “bloody”?

Team A
The first “competition team” launched by Knet consisted of main dancers from 2 big entertainment companies, SM Entertainment and Cube Entertainment. Specifically, this “contestant” lineup includes: Hyoyeon (SNSD), Seulgi ( Red Velvet ), Seungyeon (CLC), Soyeon ((G)I-DLE). The common point of these 4 representatives is possessing powerful and energetic dance moves. In addition to the strength of dancing, charisma is also one of the plus points if team A participates in the competition.

“Western DJ” joins juniors

Seulgi with angular dance moves

Seungyeon is still not well known among talented dancers

Soyeon will also be the highlight of team A

According to Knet’s vote, team B consists of the following 4 idols: Minzy (2NE1), Lisa ( BLACKPINK ), YooA ( Oh My Girl) and Hayoung ( fromis_9). If team A has the presence of SM and Cube idols, team B is a diverse combination of 2 YG idols and 2 young main dancers YooA and Hayoung. It can be said that if this complex has the opportunity to stand on the same stage, viewers will witness a colorful performance because all 4 have different styles and charms.

Minzy senior will make the stage “flaming”

Lisa will definitely “balance the team” if she allows fans to vote for the rankings

YooA with her signature liberal dance style

Hayoung will bring youthful and lovely colors to the team

Team C
Team C seems to be the most “dangerous” team with the presence of HyunA, Momo ( TWICE ) and a series of 4th generation dancers such as Ryujin ( ITZY ), Choi Yoo Jung (Weki Meki) and Kim Chung Ha. If both team A and team B, fans can easily predict the performance style of the majority of “contestants”, then with this team C, the participation of all 3 members who are idols of the 4th generation will create a big surprise, promising to bring new, youthful and unique performances.

Big sister” HyunA brings mature charm to the team

Momo is like a “fish in water” every time she shows her strong choreography

Ryujin is also a rising star in terms of choreography

The 2 “pieces” of IOI who will have the opportunity to reunite in team C are Yoojung…

… and the talented Chung Ha

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