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Lisa (BLACKPINK) “discharges” behind the scenes of the solo MV, checking the 51cm waist: Is it really rare to be beautiful or scared to be skinny?

Lisa's (BLACKPINK) waistline in this series of photos has made people excited.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) is always known with the nickname “holy body” thanks to having the best body in Kpop, with ideal height, long legs, standard square shoulders, round 1 is not too big but still sexy. blood spray” and the ant’s waist 51cm. However, there are still many opinions that the youngest member of BLACKPINK is too thin, especially when revealing her small waist with just her hand, causing fans to panic.But in the behind-the-scenes photo of Lalisa’s solo MV just posted on her personal page, the youngest member of BLACKPINK surprised people with her top-notch body display, long legs, slender arms, and especially showing off her slim waist. top notch beauty. At this difficult angle, Lisa’s waist is still unbelievably small, and especially the number 11 abdominal muscle line is clearly visible, making fans unable to take their eyes off. Lisa’s waist, although small, is not thin, but extremely healthy and balanced with the body, is the dream of many girls.

Only revealing her waist, but Lisa’s photos are enough to cause a fever in the online community. At this difficult angle, the female idol’s waistline…

.. still prominent abs groove, unbelievably small but extremely toned, healthy and extremely beautiful

Before that, the worrying photo of Lisa’s tiny waist made people stir

In BLACKPINK, “Australian rose” Rosé has a famous 48cm waist, but Lisa’s waist is equally small. The measurement of the second round of the youngest brother is only 51cm. Thanks to the advantage of a slim waist, Lisa often wears a crop top to show off her figure on stage or in real life. With a beautiful waist and top-notch body, no wonder Lisa is called the “holy body” of Kpop.

The super-small waist helps Lisa stand out her “bee-waist” figure on stage

The series of airport photos of the female idol’s waist has become a legend, it is still beautiful without photoshop, the waist every girl dreams of

Even when viewed from behind, Lisa’s waist is still very eye-catching


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