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Jisoo’s visual explosion 4 times: Leo top trending worldwide, the title “Miss Korea” is not a joke!

As a member in charge of the visual position of BLACKPINK, of course, Jisoo’s beauty is not average. Despite knowing that, there are still many times when Jisoo surprised fans with such a beautiful appearance that she held her breath, caused a storm on social networks, and even climbed straight to the top trending worldwide. Here are 4 times she “booed” the internet with her explosive beauty.BBQ x SBS Super Concert 2018

As the visual of a Korean group, BLACKPINK is oriented towards the seductive European and American concept, so it can be considered that this makeup look of Jisoo is a combination of those two styles. Charming, smoky brown eyes contrast with lips painted with pink lipstick, boldly applied to the center of the lips and gradually faded to the edges to bring out Jisoo’s signature heart lip shape. In addition, it must be mentioned that the hair is trimmed to the chin level, when moving or the wind blows, only a glimpse of her face helps Jisoo more mysterious and attractive.

Melon Music Awards 2018

The combination of two red colors in the cropped crop top in front of the chest and lipstick color is a wise choice of the stylist. Having a beautiful face like a beauty queen, there’s no reason why Jisoo doesn’t part her hair in the middle and let it fall naturally. This time, the eldest sister Hac Huong wears a light-colored lens, emphasizes the eye color at the tail, draws the line to open the corner of her eyes, so her “window of the soul” is much larger and more flexible.

Gaon Chart Music Award 2019


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