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Top 5 Kpop solo MVs with the best views after 24 hours of release: In addition to BLACKPINK and BTS, there is also a very popular name!

Overcoming 2 BTS members, this character ranked in 3rd place after 2 BLACKPINK members, Lisa and Rosé.

YouTube is the largest video platform in the world. This is also the place where artists release their new MVs, especially the number of MV views after 24 hours partly shows the artist’s hot hit. Here are the top 5 names in the solo MV chart with the most views after the first 24 hours of Kpop.

1. LALISA – Lisa (BLACKPINK): 73.6 million views
As the most anticipated solo debut of BLACKPINK, Lisa automatically became the hottest name when releasing the MV LALISA on September 10, 2021. As of September 14, YouTube Records updated the view information of the MVs within 24 hours after its release. Lisa’s LALISA MV recorded 73.6 million views.

Lisa’s number of 73.6 million views is not only the top of Kpop, but also surpasses Taylor Swift to top the world. And this is also the fastest solo MV to reach 100 million views in Kpop, it took Lisa only 2.1 days to reach 100 million views and after 5 days, the MV has reached 131 million views.



2. On The Ground – Rosé (BLACKPINK): 41.6 million views
Many people think that the song On The Ground lacks climax, is not impressive, people are afraid that singing in English will be a disadvantage, it is difficult for female idols to conquer the Korean charts. But Rosé’s 24-hour achievement says it all. Rosé officially debuted solo with the MV On The Ground – the title track of the single album -R- on March 12. After 24 hours of airing, the MV reached 41.6 million views and also held the top position until it was defeated by MV LALISA .

Not only that, YouTube also confirmed that the MV “On The Ground” attracted 1.2 million live viewers – a record for a solo artist worldwide. Rosé’s debut product ranked 7th in the top 10 highest-viewed MVs in this format.


MV On The Ground – Rose

3. Gentleman – PSY: 36 million views
PSY’s Gentleman held the record of the solo MV with the highest 24-hour views for 8 years until it was broken by Rosé. This MV is the product that marks PSY’s comeback 1 year after suddenly causing a global fever with “Gangnam Style”. MV Gentleman has received 36 million views in 24 hours of release.

Released on April 13, 2013, when it was first aired, MV Gentleman was awaited by a large number of world music fans and reached 100 million views after only 4 days, 200 million after 9 days, 300 million after nearly 1 month. . Until July 2013, Gentleman officially surpassed half a billion views.



4. Daechwita – Agust D: 23.8 million views
On May 22, 2020, Agust D (stage name during SUGA’s solo activities) suddenly “hit” the audience with a modern and historical MV ” Daechwita” . The song in the second mixtape in SUGA’s career called “D-2” is also his next product after Eight collaborated with IU. MV “Daechwita” quickly gained 23.8 million views after 24 hours, ranking 4th in the Kpop chart.

Not only attracting worldwide fans with its catchy music, Daechwita also conveys a lot of interesting Korean cultural features. From the title of the song, which is already the name of an old song, to the context and image that SUGA embodies, all of them contain many hidden meanings.


MV Daechwita – Agust D

5. Chicken Noodle Soup – J-hope: 21.7 million views
On September 27, 2019, BTS member J-Hope officially released a solo MV titled ” Chicken Noodle Soup” featuring American singer Becky G. After 1 day of release, the MV “Chicken Noodle Soup” has reached 21, 7 million views and 3.7 million likes on YouTube.

The MV was directed by Lumpens, who previously worked with BTS and created many hit products. The bright and energetic colors in the MV make viewers extremely excited. In particular, in the Chicken Noodle Soup MV , J-Hope, in addition to showing his extreme rap ability, also showed off his powerful and impressive dance moves.


MV – Chicken Noodle Soup

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