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3 members of BLACKPINK dance “to the sky”

Rosé may have a few wrong dance moves, but hugging Lisa won't miss a beat!

On the afternoon of September 24, the BLACKPINK sisters made fans riot on all social media fronts when they continuously “discharged” clips and photos to catch Lisa ‘s LALISA trend . This is Lisa’s solo debut product, released on September 10. In the clip posted by Jennie, the 3 BLACKPINK members wore t-shirts with the word Lisa and performed the LALISA choreography together without inviting Lisa.


3 BLACKPINK sisters dancing Lisa’s LALISA

Everyone is having fun like this without inviting Lisa herself

Actually, Lisa was also present with the BLACKPINK sisters

But what makes people even more “twisted” is Rosé’s double dance with Lisa herself. In the 25-second clip posted by TikToker Rosé, she dances very little, even forgetting the song a bit, but hugging Lisa is right!


Rosé “flies the trend” of LALISA with Lisa herself

Every loophole is hugging a close friend without missing a beat, making fans cry. Moreover , Rosé also posted with the caption: “Chaelisa love me” . The crew members of the “battleship” Rosé – Lisa don’t seem to need to row anymore, let the owner push himself!

Dance can be forgotten, out of rhythm

But hugging Lisa, Rosé won’t miss a shot!

If you don’t hug one way, you will hug another way, Lisa can’t escape from Rosé’s arms!

The clip immediately reached 1 million likes and 3 million views after just over 1 hour of posting. It’s true that the level of hot TikToker Rosé, PR for new products for Lisa is sometimes better than YG!

Rosé’s self-propelled caption line made people cry!

In particular, Rosé also shocked Lisa with a twerk move at the end of the dance. If anyone has seen Lisa’s MONEY dance performance video posted on the evening of September 23, it will certainly be familiar. This is an extremely impressive move and takes the spotlight in the MONEY video . Rosé really has plowed MONEY a bit too much!

Why did Rosé’s twerk move make Lisa

Performing the twerk move that was an impressive scene of Lisa in MONEY


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