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Revealing Jennie’s special relationship with both the male and female lead Squid Game, how did the female idol get “credit” in the movie?

Worth mentioning, one detail that is making people riot is the fact that Jennie's name (BLACKPINK) even appears in the thank you section of Squid Game.

Squid Game (Games squid) is currently making the film a “film” over fever. It is worth mentioning that most recently, fans have discovered that Jennie (BLACKPINK)’s name is included in the thank you section of the film: “Sincerely thank you for helping and supporting the cast and crew.” This caused netizens to gossip and wonder, wondering why Jennie did not appear in the movie and still appeared at this thank you part?

As it turns out, it all comes from Jennie’s close friendship with the female lead Jung Ho Yeon . From July 2020, Jennie sent a coffee truck and went to the set to visit her best friend. On the coffee truck, there was a message to the film crew: “Actors, production team, staff, everyone, please take good care of Saebyuk unnie” (Saebyuk is Jung Ho Yeon’s role name) . Over the years, the BLACKPINK member and the top model of kimchi have been close friends, even regularly dating each other to go out, cook for each other, and support each other in their careers.

Jennie used to send a coffee truck…

… and even went to the filming set to visit the female lead Jung Ho Yeon

And that’s why Jennie’s name (in gold) is included in the special thank you part of the movie

Few people know that Jennie and Jung Ho Yeon are longtime best friends. Both have a common interest in fashion and are both popular and influential names in the fashion and entertainment industry Kbiz.

The two often go out, “dating” with mutual friends

But a special thing is that in the promotional video, it seems that the powerful actor Lee Jung Jae of the film is the most excited. He mentioned Jung Ho Yeon and Jennie as “great friends”, and revealed that Jennie visited the set to visit the actors. The powerful actor chose his favorite movie as BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky and said he became a fan of the group after watching the movie. Fans couldn’t help but be delighted and said that it was not Jung Ho Yeon, Lee Jung Jae who was most interested in Jennie’s appearance.

Lee Jung Jae also recounted his special relationship with the BLACKPINK member. As it turned out, Jennie’s mother wanted to name her daughter Jae Hee after Lee Jung Jae’s character in the movie Hourglass. But because of giving birth to a daughter, the female idol’s mother misplaced Jennie. This story makes fans extremely excited, constantly sharing and discussing.

Lee Jung Jae recognized him as a BLINK after watching the documentary about BLACKPINK

Jennie once told the story that her name was named after Lee Jung Jae’s character in the movie Hourglass

The luxurious name Jennie is derived from Jae Hee – Lee Jung Jae’s character name


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