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BLACKPINK causes chaos on the streets of Paris: Jisoo is often accused of “peeling” her thin waist, Rosé shows off her top body again

On September 24, Jisoo and Rosé ( BLACKPINK ) flew to France to attend Paris Fashion Week. 2 members safely landed and started traveling to Paris. And recently, fans have released a series of orange photos that often record the appearance of Jisoo and Rosé in the West today. Even though their faces were covered with masks, the visuals of the two BLACKPINK beauties were still enough to cause an uproar in the neighborhood, causing people in France to riot. Indeed, the influence of “black black” is no joke!

Such a beauty, but Jisoo was “uncovered” by the ordinary camera of passers-by. Wearing a crop top, Jisoo even revealed a less slender waist, looking much bigger than before. It seems that the outfit has drowned Jisoo’s figure or after a long time without comeback, BLACKPINK’s eldest sister has really gained weight. Meanwhile, Rosé still maintains her dreamy slim figure, turning the street into a catwalk.

Jisoo was present in Paris to prepare for Paris Fashion Week 2022. Even though her face was covered with a mask, Jisoo’s eyes were still very fresh and radiant.

But through the quick photos, fans suddenly realized that Jisoo’s 2nd round is much less slim

The crop top, which was supposed to help Jisoo show off her waist, accidentally “countered the owner”, “denounced” the female idol’s thin belly.

Compared to the previous photo, Jisoo’s waist is much less slim now

In contrast to Jisoo, Rosé still makes an absolute impression with her slim body despite comfortable loose pants, even her waist is more pressed.

With a slim figure like a model, Rosé turned the streets of Paris into a catwalk

Blonde hair, bright white skin help Rosé stand out even more, no wonder why the whole neighborhood is so chaotic


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