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Unruly like a BLACKPINK fan: Go ask for Jisoo’s autograph and show something that makes netizens “fall back”

Rosé's album -R-, the only and exclusive version signed by Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is here!

Jisoo and Rosé ( BLACKPINK ) have been in France for the past few days to attend Paris Fashion Week . Every move of the 2 BLACKPINK sisters is noticed by netizens. In particular, this is the opportunity that BLACKPINK fans in the West have the opportunity to meet idols on the street. There is no shortage of friendly real-life moments of Jisoo and Rosé when signing autographs for fans.

Jisoo was seen on the streets of Paris, very friendly when signing autographs for fans

There is an ironic situation that caught the eyes of BLACKPINK fans when Jisoo signed 1 BLINK. But what this person gave Jisoo was -R- – Rosé’s solo album. It’s really a phase to ask for an autograph “going into the ground”, I don’t know if BLACKPINK’s eldest sister will cry in her heart. But in return, this BLINK friend owns a limited edition album the whole world must have only 1: album -R- signed by Jisoo.

Asking for Jisoo’s autograph to give Rosé’s album, is it “humped”?

This ironic situation makes netizens make many interesting assumptions:

– The whole family, mine as well as yours. When she released an album she gave me to sign, nothing more.

– This will be a limited edition album only 1 in the world.

– You must have rushed out to pick up Jisoo with the album, who would have expected Rosé’s album.

– The signature phase goes into the real earth.

– Album -R- the only and exclusive version signed by Kim Jisoo, no 2nd version.

– Because I’m BLACKPINK, I have the right!

– Rosé is my sister, I signed the representative.

– Jisoo looks like she’s crying inside.

Rosé and Jisoo are traveling to the West, if you don’t see me, you can ask for my autograph, right?

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