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Behind-the-scenes look at MONEY: Lisa “played with fire” to prove that YG said no to techniques, recalling the location where the debut MV was filmed

In the behind-the-scenes of the MONEY dance video, Lisa shared how she felt when she returned to the "old place" she went to with BLACKPINK 5 years ago.

The “fever” called LALISA has not been able to “cool down” since the MV was released on September 10 until now. Whenever Lisa appears, from music promotion stages or behind-the-scenes videos, new and impressive images of BLACKPINK ‘s youngest sister , making fans can’t help but admire.



In the latest video of LILI’s FILM posted on the morning of September 27, Lisa showed fans the recording moments for the first performance of the song ” LALISA” as well as the behind-the-scenes recording of the performance video for the b-side. My MONEY .



LALISA is a song with difficult choreography with a lot of movements, requiring fast, strong and decisive movements. “Dancing Machine” Lisa had to spend 200% of her energy to complete her first performance in the best way.

LALISA is a song with difficult choreography with lots of moves

“Dancing Machine” Lisa had to spend 200% of her energy

Despite being very tired, Lisa and the dancers still tried very hard and worked hard, even if they filmed for the “nth” time, they hope to be able to give fans the most complete performance possible. body.

Even though it was very tiring, Lisa and the dancers still worked very hard

Lisa wishes to give the best performance to the audience

Famous as one of the idols with the best dancing skills in Kpop today, in addition to LALISA , the b-side song MONEY was also invested by YG for Lisa with a very good performance MV, showing off her dancing ability and charisma. Top. In the backstage for the MONEY recording , Lisa also revealed that this is also the location where BLACKPINK filmed the final choreography in the WHISTLE MV .

This MONEY filming location…

.revealed by Lisa as the location for the last choreography of WHISTLE 5 years ago

The classic “whistle” choreography of BLACKPINK

The location of BLACKPINK’s dance scene is the same as where Lisa is currently filming

Returning to the “old place” made her reminisce about the “old people” of 5 years ago. Perhaps Lisa of the time when she first debuted with WHISTLE in 2016 could hardly imagine that she was “back and better than before”, with a world-famous Lalisa like this.

Lisa 5 years ago with MV WHISTLE

“This place reminds me of myself 5 years ago” – Lisa shared in the behind-the-scenes video

Lisa of 5 years later is already a world famous artist

In particular, even though they know that YG is famous as a company that says no to technical effects, every time they see the behind-the-scenes of artists from YG, fans still can’t stop admiring the extent of ” cool”, its true.

Lisa had a scene of playing with fire “real goods” without using any effects. This once again proves the “playability” and investment from the company, as well as the professionalism of YG’s idols.

The scene where Lisa does not use effects

Real Lisa “plays with fire”

A “cool” Lisa, professional

Lisa’s behind-the-scenes moments show her dedication to this explosive solo debut. Before the achievements that Lisa has been achieving, fans have the right to be proud of BLACKPINK’s youngest sister, who has grown up and has a strong foothold for herself.


Dance performance video MONEY – Lisa

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