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Rosé (BLACKPINK) went to Fashion Week but also revealed “hint” dating Mark (GOT7) in Paris, the man suddenly made an unexpected move

This revealing "Hint" makes people doubt that Rosé (BLACKPINK) and Mark (GOT7) are in a romantic relationship.

For many months now, there have been rumors that Rosé (BLACKPINK) and Mark (GOT7) are dating due to a series of “hints” revealed on their personal pages.

Most recently, this question has once again become a hot topic online because both idols are in Paris, France to attend Paris Fashion Week . After Rosé and Jisoo checked-in at the Eiffel Tower, Mark also posted photos taken here, causing netizens to speculate that the couple was dating at this romantic location and that Jisoo was the “matchmaker” of both.

Rosé – Jisoo just posted a photo at the Eiffel Tower,…

… Mark also checked-in here. This raises the couple’s dating suspicions

But right after that, the male idol made a move as if to respond to this rumor. On Twitter, Mark posted the status line “Everyone is so funny… stop it” with a clown icon. Although the male idol has deleted this status line, netizens have partly seen his attitude towards the rumors of romance with Rosé. According to netizens, this status line is the male idol’s direct but indirect denial of dating rumors.

Right after that, the male idol posted the status line “Everyone is so funny… stop it” with a clown icon…

… as to indirectly deny the dating news with Rosé

Previously, the dating rumors between the two idols started from extremely coincidental details on Instagram, both of them have pets with the same accessories. On the occasion of Rosé and Jennie going to the US, fans also saw evidence that Mark was also present on the trip. The 2 idols also did a couple’s nails with similar patterns, raising the suspicion of dating, causing fans to constantly talk and speculate about the couple’s real relationship.

Rosé posted a photo with the status: “Hey, it’s cold out there”, and Mark replied with the caption, “It’s not cold at all.”

Couple taking pictures in front of the mirror in the same way

Since 2018, the couple used the same caption on the same day

Rosé posted a photo with the caption butterfly wings, which coincides with the butterfly tattoo on Mark’s leg

The 2 idols used to have similar double nails too

Rosé and Mark’s 2 dogs…

…have the same accessory

Netizens reveal details that prove Mark went out with Jennie and Rosé in the US

Even the hand movements are the same

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