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Rosé gradually “less cloth” after 3 years of attending international events, this year “played big” boldly, but revealed herself so thin that her bones were covered.

How has Rosé (BLACKPINK)'s appearance changed after attending the Saint Laurent show?

After her sister Jisoo , Rosé (BLACKPINK) continued to explode on social networks when attending Saint Laurent’s show within the framework of Paris Fashion Week. Appearing at the event, Rosé made the people dirty when she wore a sexy see-through 2-string dress.

Going back to the times Rosé attended Saint Laurent’s previous events, netizens realized that since the first time in 2019 until now, every year, the female idol wears “less cloth” clothes a little more. In the past 2 years, Rosé has dressed up in a “tight cut” leather outfit that is right for her big sister to elegant and luxurious outfits like aristocrats, all of which contribute to exalting the long slender legs of the female idol.

This year, things are different. Rosé “plays big” with a thin 2-string piercing skirt, showing off the super small ant waist. However, she revealed the defects of her shoulder and collarbone which were worryingly bony. Many netizens think that the weak shoulders, the raised bones and the overly angular make the “Australian rose” a little less sexy. Many people also think that the female idol is as thin as a moving skeleton, and many fans are worried about Rosé because of her alarmingly thin state.

In 2019, in the first time attending Saint Laurent’s show, Rosé “chopped” with a relatively tight leather outfit.

… but it’s still enough to show off her long legs with bright white skin and amazing aura

By 2020, BLACKPINK beauties dress in discreet and luxurious clothes like aristocrats, mainly showing off their long white legs…

The short pants also make Rosé’s legs longer

At this year’s Saint Laurent show, Rosé wore a daring, thin 2-string dress, but who expected to reveal all the worrying flaws. The bones in the knees and shoulders make the female idol look so skinny, it’s like skin and bones

Her shoulder defect was completely “uncovered” by international reporters. Fortunately, the beautiful beauty of the main vocalist BLACKPINK makes up for it

According to netizens, her thin and bony shoulders make Rosé a little less sexy

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