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Surprised, the behind-the-scenes clip reveals Rosé’s visual “upgrade”: Take a picture A-cut that picture, BLACKPINK’s new goddess or what?

Rosé (BLACKPINK) revealed her true beauty through a series of unedited behind-the-scenes clips.

From a member who was criticized by netizens for her lack of beauty, Rosé (BLACKPINK) has gradually changed, becoming as beautiful as a goddess. “Australian Rose” often makes people “visually shocked” with a series of photos showing off her beautiful beauty.

Most recently, Rosé proved her “real price” beauty through an unedited behind-the-scenes clip. In this series of clips, despite only being filmed with a phone and looking through the camera screen, the female idol born in 1997 still showed off her goddess-like beauty, gorgeous and extremely charming. The moment “Australian rose” showing off her sexy bust is enough to make people feverish. Compared to the new series of A-cut photos, it seems that Rosé magazine doesn’t need photoshop at all, because the female idol’s outstanding beauty is more than enough.

The moment Rosé showed off her super-beautiful beauty, her sexy breasts flashed and made people feverish, attracting up to 3.5 million “heart-dropping” turns.

In the unedited moment, Rosé is still as beautiful as a goddess, take a picture A-cut that picture

A series of close-up photos made people ecstatic at the top beauty of Rosé. Besides the perfect face, the sexy collarbone of the main vocalist BLACKPINK makes people blush

With a series of behind-the-scenes photos, Rosé proved her beauty without photoshop

Rosé has bright white skin, a beautiful face, and her beauty is enhanced when she has bright blonde hair

From a member criticized by netizens, Rosé is becoming more and more beautiful, lovely and luxurious, worthy of the new goddess of BLACKPINK.

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