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Jisoo’s silk pajamas set off the frost of 4000 usd, the sisters “catch the waves” right away with a few sets of lemongrass and lemongrass, but the price is only a few hundred

Jisoo has a beautiful pajamas that are too expensive, the "popular" association wants a cheap moment, then check out some of the following cheap models.

On the eve of the “storm” of Dior’s show at Paris Fashion Week, Jisoo posted an image update story with fans and could not hide her excitement. Jisoo is so pretty, but people are paying attention to BLACKPINK’s big sister’s luxurious pajamas .

Jisoo’s star-studded pajamas “match” with a luxurious atmosphere full of Dior clothes around

As a brand ambassador of Dior, the sleeping set that Jisoo wears is of course also Dior’s, if you go to check the price, “u is heaven” the whole set is 80 million. It’s true that BLACKPINK girls are young and beautiful on the outside, full of money on the inside.

Dior also sells separate sets, more than 2000 usd shirts and more than 1800 usd pants

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