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Lisa officially broke BLACKPINK’s 5 year record on YouTube, the charm is amazing!

Lisa had a successful debut, breaking a series of previous records of many artists, even BLACKPINK.

Lisa just had a spectacular debut in September. This is considered the hottest music event in the last months of 2021. Not only breaking many charts, surpassing many “seniors and seniors”, this debut of Lisa even broke the record. by BLACKPINK 5 years ago.

Lisa has just had a successful solo debut album

Specifically, the song ” LALISA” included in Lisa’s debut album released on September 10, 2021 has reached more than 12.8 million likes on the YouTube platform. This is the debut song of the most popular K-pop artist in YouTube history up to now. It is this number that broke BLACKPINK’s record of nearly 5 years with the debut song ” BOOMBAYAH” with 12.7 million likes.

This is the most popular K-pop artist’s debut MV on YouTube with 12.8 million likes

This is not the only achievement that Lisa surpassed BLACPINK when Lisa also surpassed BLACKPINK, Rosé, IZ * ONE, TWICE… to become the female artist with the best-selling album in the first week on Hanteo.

It can be seen that the attraction from Lisa is undeniable. However, these achievements only make BLINKs proud of their talented members. BLACKPINK may come back later this year, this is the information that fans of the group are most looking forward to. Surely with the careful investment when coming back, the BLACKPINK girls will also explode a series of social networks to music charts!

Many fans are looking forward to BLACKPINK’s comeback date

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