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Lisa (BLACKPINK) is suspected of “cutlery” because of her big nose and skinny body, but thanks to what trick she made such a great makeover?

Lisa (BLACKPINK) had an impressive transformation from beauty to physique, making netizens suspect that she "restored" her entire body.

It can’t be denied that at the present time, Lisa ( BLACKPINK ) is an extremely influential international star. The female idol conquered a large number of fans not only by her talent but also by her beauty and excellent body. She has repeatedly been ranked high in beauty charts around the world, dubbed the “holy body” of Kpop.

Compared to the image in the past, the fans admire the journey to enhance the beauty of the “Thai princess”. However, Lisa’s “successful puberty” also made many people question “cutlery” intervention. So what is the truth surrounding Lisa’s plastic surgery question?

Is this beauty and body of Lisa a product of “cutlery”?

Controversy because of the face of “cutlery” suspicion, Lisa’s alarmingly thin body (BLACKPINK)
Lisa was once suspected of cosmetic intervention to refurbish her beauty after a series of photos in the past were “digged”. Looking back at the old and current photos of the female idol, many people can’t help but be surprised because they are so different, raising the question of “cutlery”.

Many people commented that the youngest BLACKPINK’s nose is quite big, wide and low, different from the current perfect slim nose. The female idol was also “stoned” a lot because many people thought that she had plastic surgery without admitting it.

The image of Lisa in the past with a large, raft nose, raised the suspicion of “cutlery” intervention to improve beauty

In the current image, Lisa has a high and elegant nose

Not only was she questioned about her beauty, Lisa was also criticized for her thin, lifeless body. In the early years of artistic activities, the youngest “Hac Huong” often fell into a state of being too thin, causing her legs to atrophy, looking like a reed. Although long, but Lisa’s legs are too thin, look lifeless, straight in the unedited picture. This also makes many people think that Lisa does not deserve the title of “holy body”.

The BLACKPINK member many times fell into an ominous state of thinness

Lisa has perfect body proportions but her legs are thin and lifeless

Because of being too thin, Lisa’s legs also lost their inherent perfection

Looking at Lisa’s waist that is not full of hands, people can’t help but panic

Lisa’s spectacular makeover thanks to special tricks, secrets or completely due to “cutlery”?
But amidst the rumors of “cutlery”, netizens have found a series of photos that prove Lisa’s beauty is completely “real and real”. After many times she did not hesitate to publicize her bare face or show off her facial features in close quarters, Lisa smashed all rumors of plastic surgery. It is easy to see that, at present, in some angles, the nose part of the “international sister” is still quite large, no different from before.

At many moments, on Lisa’s nose, lines of contouring powder were clearly visible. Thus, the high, slim nose is the product of the skillful hands of the makeup artist. Besides, the BLACKPINK member becomes more beautiful thanks to active beauty methods such as contouring massage and skin care. And sometimes, over-edited magazine photos also make netizens mistakenly believe that Lisa is “cutlery” so she has perfect beauty.

In a recent series of behind-the-scenes moments, the BLACKPINK member practiced knitting all rumors of “cutlery” interference. BLACKPINK’s maknae’s bare face is still very sharp with impressive big eyes, the bridge of the nose and the wings of the nose are still quite large, not as compact as in the magazine photo.

When she has a bare face or light makeup, Lisa reveals that her nose is still quite big like in the past

Although she does not have a high and slim nose, the overall face of the “Thai princess” is still very harmonious

Lisa’s always perfect soaring nose turned out to be just a “cheating”, as a result of skillful makeup technology from YG’s team, the highlighter part is clearly visible.

The series of camera photos often “unveils” all of Lisa’s true beauty

The youngest member of BLACKPINK is still so pretty even though the bridge of her nose is quite big…

… and the bridge of the nose is not so high

In the program “Real Men 300”, Lisa left her face completely bare and still extremely confident with her beauty

Although her lips are a bit pale, the lines on Lisa’s face are still very beautiful

BLACKPINK’s maknae’s slightly large nose bridge is also evident, smashing the rumors of “cutlery”

In order to improve her previous thin body, Lisa worked extremely hard. At the present time, Lisa’s body is perfect and desirable. The BLACKPINK member spent a lot of time during the day practicing dancing, helping to shape the contours of the body to become softer and more precise.

In addition, the “international sister” also works hard to practice Pilates regularly to maintain a slim figure. Recently, Lisa has “better skin and flesh” than seen, not even afraid to show off her sexy, tight bust. Lisa’s title “holy body” is a combination of a series of factors: the overall body is ecstatic, the shoulders are square, the bust is not too big but still sexy “the person”, the waist is small. unbelievable and super long legs. All have created a beautiful appearance like a supermodel, making Lisa able to “luxury” all kinds of outfits, “weigh” all the often blurred cameras of passersby.

In the series of camera photos often taken by fans, Lisa’s body is as beautiful as a doll, her long legs are mesmerizing.

This long legs, small waist, toned body is what every girl wants

Lisa is thin but still full of life

At the present time, Lisa’s physique has improved surprisingly, becoming one of the best “body saints” in Kpop.

Indeed, Lisa is perfectly beautiful from top to bottom, she has a standard square shoulder, helping BLACKPINK’s youngest “weight” all kinds of outfits.

Recently, Lisa also regularly shows off her sexy bust

Lisa’s 1st round is not too big but sexy enough to “spray blood”, making netizens unable to take their eyes off

Lisa fully flaunted her beautiful body through the pole dance scene in her first solo MV Lalisa. She has a beautiful body from head to toe

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