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Look at Rosé’s (BLACKPINK) handheld camera, which is not only pretty but also very affordable.

Rosé uses a camera model from the cult brand YSL but the price is extremely cheap, fans quickly "cheap moment" come on!

Rosé (BLACKPINK) is the hottest name on social networks when appearing at the Met Gala 2021 event. The event received strong attention from Kpop fans, especially Rosé’s fans. The speed of uploading photos from major newspapers and fans is even faster than the owner.

After the Met Gala ended, Rosé walked around a lot in New York and her daily outfit quickly gained attention. Fan accidentally caught this “Australian mango” at the store of Saint Laurent – also the brand for which she is the global ambassador.

Fans also quickly peeled off the price of her outfit. Among countless items of great value, up to tens of millions of dong, the Lomography tropical camera model from the YSL brand is the most noticed by fans.

Rosé’s Outfit in New York

This is a disposable film handheld camera model from YSL, priced at only 70 USD

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