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Revealing rare photos of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) backstage at Snowdrop: Her hair is droopy, her makeup is still pale, she’s still pretty

This is probably the first sharp image of Jisoo released from the Snowdrop team.

No exaggeration to say, Snowdrop (Galanthus) are Korea Telecom films of the year when most times in KNet be “physically” because they think the movie would distort history. Although even the Blue House has approved the Snowdrop crew to continue creating and making films, the audience has not yet been able to see the release date of the film. Moreover, all information related to the behind-the-scenes is also terrifyingly hidden.

Until now, apart from the rare time when the audience accidentally captured the recording of the crew and a few times when Jisoo took pictures with the coffee truck that was sent to the set, all information related to Snowdrop has never been revealed. outside. On the evening of September 30, an actor in the cast posted a photo taken with Jisoo but then quickly removed it. However, the audience still managed to save a rare sharp image from this Snowdrop behind the scenes .

Although the picture does not reveal Jisoo’s image, the audience immediately guessed that this is the outfit and hairstyle that the female idol once wore in a photo shoot with a coffee truck that was sent as a gift. Although the makeup is quite light, the hair is not neat, but Jisoo’s beauty still makes people faint. The audience also liked the way she interacted closely with her co-stars backstage.

This is probably the full image of Jisoo

Audience comments:

– After so many days of listening to Snowdrop, now I can see a really sharp picture, oh my little beauty

-This must be some kind of riot scene, the baby’s hair is messy but still pretty

– Please release the showtime, radio station

-Why can’t I sleep with this beauty, my heart’s so tired

– The scene is always bloody, I hope Jisoo is healthy and unaffected, no matter how long I wait

Snowdrop is a black comedy that satirizes the military dictatorship of the 80s. It also celebrates the boys and girls who died during the upheaval. The film revolves around Young Cho (Jisoo) – a young student who accidentally saves Im Suho (Jung Hae In) – a student of a prestigious university when he suddenly rushes into the female dormitory in an injured state. Young Cho hid him and cared for his wounds even in the face of danger under close supervision.

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