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Matching BLACKPINK’s style at the airport to Fashion Week: Lisa in the “below show”, who owns the most valuable set of clothes?

BLACKPINK's fashion style at the airport this time is being discussed a lot by netizens.

So 4 members of BLACKPINK were at the airport in turn to leave for France. As for Lisa, the brand she is ambassador to, Celine, does not hold a show in the Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Week, so fans are speculating that the youngest BLACKPINK will have her own individual activities. They are all top fashion icons at the moment, but who is the most impressive this time, and who owns the most valuable outfit?

Classic, elegant and stylish are the words for Rosé’s outfit, the houndstooth-patterned blazer with shoulder bridge and blonde hair, the lady’s bow clip are big plus points while helping her outfit not be monotonous. while preserving the spirit of the whole. Look so simple that this outfit is “dew dew” 22.000 usd million that home

Jisoo makes fans excited with her strong, personality style in contrast to the gentle goddess visual. Leather jackets, baggy jeans and ankle boots are a very standard autumn greeting, both trendy and evokes a feeling of warmth, quickly wanting to buy winter clothes to wear like her. 20.000 usd is the total value of this outfit of Jisoo

Jennie continues to surprise fans with a completely black look that can’t be cooler, it is clear that she only wears very basic items such as thin sweaters, wide-leg black pants, white sneakers, but thanks to her high hand in choosing accessories, namely: beanie hat with red camellia flower and eye-catching handmade handbag that this outfit is raised to another level. Regarding the total cost of the outfit, Jennie is more modest than the two members above, about 7000 usd

As the last member of the group to appear, Lisa pushed the fans’ excitement up, but the overall appearance of Lisa was not quite complete. She chooses clothes that are quite modest, and the impressive height that is an advantage has not been promoted. Also, I don’t know if Lisa intentionally created a messy hairstyle, jagged tail for her personality or because she was in a hurry, so she couldn’t edit it, leading to a lot of points in her appearance.

Not making fans dizzy with billions of dollars worth of clothes, this time Lisa’s outfit is about 10.000 usd

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