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Jisoo visits the Dior garment factory: So beautiful that even standing laughing becomes a magazine photo, trying on trendy clothes… runway show

As expected of the top beauty in Kpop, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) no matter what she does, wherever she is, she is still ecstatically beautiful.

In recent days, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) has been the focus of social media when appearing at Paris Fashion Week . Every meeting of BLACKPINK beauty with “Crown Prince of LVMH” Antoine Arnault – Dior’s parent corporation, public relations director to the brand’s creative director, has become the focus of public attention.

Recently, the luxury brand once again showed great affection for “muse” Jisoo when it continued to take her to visit the company’s garment factories and heritage archives, and even see first-hand the collections. unpublished volume. Worth mentioning, people only “glued” to the face and gorgeous appearance of the Ambassador. From still photos to the behind-the-scenes video of “dressing up” Dior released, Jisoo fully shows off her sweet goddess beauty, every line is so beautiful. In the behind-the-scenes photos, Jisoo stands smiling and looks as beautiful as a magazine photo. When “dressing up”, the goddess BLACKPINK turned the sewing workshop into a catwalk, showing off her beautiful figure and attractive face.

Jisoo looks like a “muse” when visiting the garment factories and heritage archives of the cult brand she is representing.

The beautiful sobbing angle and Jisoo’s standard Miss face in the behind-the-scenes photos are full of praise

The moment she met the eyes of a beauty born in 1995 made everyone’s heart “beat”

Jisoo caused a storm on social media with her beautiful and elegant appearance

Jisoo’s behind-the-scenes photo is perfect as if it’s a pictorial

The still image is beautiful, but looking at the video, it adds “faint up and down”. Every moment becomes as beautiful as a work of art when Jisoo appears

Jisoo turned the sewing factory into a catwalk thanks to her top-notch beauty and physique

The luxurious background on the yacht and the shimmering Eiffel Tower in the night make the beauty of BLACKPINK’s eldest sister more sharp and attractive.

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