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Tension: Lisa’s biggest fan station in China announced to stop buying BLACKPINK album indefinitely, the reason given was controversial

Right or wrong, the move from the Lisa fan station challenged YG regarding the activity schedule of the youngest BLACKPINK.

On October 5, Lisa Bar – Lisa’s biggest fan station ( BLACKPINK ) in China suddenly announced to stop buying BLACKPINK’s album indefinitely. This announcement was made when the fan station felt angry about Lisa’s personal activities. Specifically: “Based on your company’s treatment for Lisa’s solo debut and all personal activities, we have decided to stop buying BLACKPINK’s albums indefinitely. We hope your company will recover. negative as soon as possible” .

The latest announcement made by Lisa Bar regarding the purchase of the BLACKPINK album (translated above)

Previously, Lisa Bar also expressed her frustration, “Why are other artists’ activities in YG Entertainment not restricted, while the company always restricts Lisa’s activities?” .

Lisa Bar is Lisa’s biggest fan station in China, expressing frustration about the limited idol’s personal schedule

The source of this harsh action from Lisa’s fans came from a post showing that YG deliberately limited her personal fashion activities. BVLGARI CEO Mr. JCBabin posted on his personal page his regret at not being able to work with Lisa even though she was in France:”Our amazing ambassador, Lisa, is currently in Europe. However, unfortunately due to COVID, her company does not want her to participate in (brand’s) events and shows. That’s also why so far we couldn’t shoot with Zendaya, Lily Aldridge and Vittoria for BVLGARI’s 2021, 2022 campaign but it’s true that we will do it as soon as possible because we are good friends of each other and are working hard to make this cooperation perfect. I hope this will answer questions and questions from Lisa fans that I have received . ”

BVLGARI CEO expressed regret at not being able to work with Lisa because YG didn’t want to

Before Lisa Bar’s pressing, fans divided into two opposing opinions: one side agreed that Lisa was being restrained from personal activities, the other side said that Lisa was on vacation after a long time of activities. so Lisa Bar’s statement will adversely affect Lisa’s morale.

– YG is really hateful. Lisa’s solo also promoted very little.

– I hope at the end of the contract, Lisa leaves YG. Even if you leave, it doesn’t matter if your reputation decreases or not, always support Lisa.

– Wants to end the contract for Lisa to do her own activities. Sometimes Lisa is even more successful.

– Why is Lisa the only one who doesn’t go to Paris Fashion Week while she is also in France?

– Not only Lisa Bar, I hope other fansites also don’t donate to buy any of the group’s albums. Must be strong for your company to please.

– Lisa is on vacation in France with her mother, after 2 years. But fans are making a fuss on the internet like this.

– Lisa is the one with the longest time in France. And she definitely has something on her schedule besides hanging out with her mom.

Fans disagree when Lisa’s solo activities are restrained compared to other members

Lisa Bar is famous as one of the fansites that pay the most for not only Lisa’s activities but also BLACKPINK’s. When BLACKPINK came back with The Album , Lisa Bar and Lisa China bought more than 131 thousand album copies, worth more than 2.297.838.66 usd

Lisa Bar is not afraid to close a huge order to support BLACKPINK

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