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aespa reveals the special meaning of the choreography that is said to be “copying” BLACKPINK, “internal turmoil” when choosing the member who suits Savage the most

Only a few hours left, aespa will officially return with the first mini album in Savage's career.

At exactly 16:00 on October 5, aespa will officially return with MV Savage . This is aespa ‘s comeback after nearly 5 months since Next Level . Savage is also the first mini-album in aespa’s career, so fans are especially looking forward to it.


aespa 에스파 ‘Savage’ MV

Before releasing the MV, on the morning of October 5, aespa had a press conference to introduce their new music product. 4 girls appeared with luxurious costumes but no less personality. Here, aespa shared many interesting things related to the songs in the Savage mini-album as well as the song-making process and choreography.]

4 aespa members appeared at Savage press conference

At the beginning of the press conference, aespa was informed that the mini-album Savage has surpassed 400 thousand pre-order copies before the group’s comeback. Karina expressed her appreciation when receiving enthusiastic support from fans, ” We were all surprised to learn that there have been more than 400 thousand pre-orders. This is the first time that we release it. releasing a physical album, so we didn’t dare to have high expectations. We want to thank everyone for their support! It made us think that we should work harder for all the love but also the group has been and is receiving” .

4 members received good news when the mini-album received positive pre-order results

Different from previous products, this time aespa will come back with 6 songs. Winter shared, ” This is our first mini-album with a total of 6 songs, including the title song Savage as well as songs of various genres from vibrant dance to lyrical pop. The album not only contains contains stories that take place in aespa’s worldview such as previous singles Black Mamba and Next Level, but also a variety of musical genres that showcase the group’s diversity and charisma” .


Being a fan of aespa is not an easy thing when the group’s songs always contain stories about the group’s worldview that need to be pondered over. Winter said about the song aenergy : ” In our worldview, ae means avatar. There are some other terms related to our worldview like KOSMO and Naevis. So I think everyone please Try to guess what the song is about because I know a lot of fans really enjoy learning about our worldview . ”


With the most anticipated song Savage , Giselle shared, ” Savage is a trap-style song where you can feel a strong sense of attack focused on heavy drums and bass sounds. Connecting Black Mamba and Next Level, this song is a story that takes place in the group’s unique worldview”


Karina shares the most unique take on Savage ‘s chorus : ” There’s a hymn-like part of this chorus where we sing “ZzuZzuZzuZzu.” We originally recorded this part as ” ZuZuZuZu”, but our producer Yoo Young Jin listened to it and suggested that it would be better if we pronounce the part differently with an emphasis to make it more engaging. , our CEO Lee Soo Man and our producer thought about various ways to pronounce it, and after much consideration, we decided on “Tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk.” You say “tsk, tsk” when you’re trying to say: ‘It’s a shame’ or ‘You’re no match for me’.And we tried to sing this as a message to Black Mamba: You don’t match aespa!”.


She added about the main choreography in the track, “As I mentioned while introducing the chorus, it’s a dance that gives off the vibe of ‘You’re no match for me’. this is the Tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk gesture where you wave your fingers left and right and we call this the Savage hand gesture.”

This particular choreography of aespa caused controversy when it looked like a “copy” of How You Like That (BLACKPINK) and Not Shy (ITZY).

The group had an “internal quarrel” when the members were asked to choose the member that best suited the concept of the song ” Savage” .

Karina: “I think Winter. Winter is back with short black hair and I think this hairstyle fits the Savage concept perfectly.”

Winter: “Of course all of the members expressed the concept very well, but if I had to choose one member, I would choose NingNing! NingNing’s diverse facial expressions allow her to express this song very well. “.

Giselle: “Karina looks so beautiful in the outfits she wore in Savage MV. And Winter looks great with short hair! NingNing also tried different styling and makeup, I think it suits her very well.”

NingNing: “I also think that each member has a very good concept, unique in their own way. Karina’s new wine-colored hair makes her look stronger and Winter with short hair has a vibrance. The feeling is especially suitable for the song. Giselle also completely nailed her rap line.”

It’s hard to choose the member that fits the Savage concept the most because each has their own charm

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