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Jennie can’t dodge the scene of being drowned at the Chanel show: Take a quick photo of sexy “cutting” and take a breath, until the official photo “holy body” is short and has 1 piece left.

The appearance of Jennie (BLACKPINK) in Chanel's show made people constantly talk and argue.

Tonight, October 5, Jennie ( BLACKPINK ) was present in Paris, France to attend Chanel’s show within the framework of Paris Fashion Week . This is the luxury brand that “Chanel lives” is representing. Having just appeared at the event, Jennie made thousands of fans restless with her top-notch visual and body display.

At this show, Jennie dressed up too “tight cut” and fiery with a short red dress, cut boldly but no less luxurious. The crop top and super short skirt accentuate the sexy bust of the YG “princess” with the ant waist, the number 11 abs is too firm and clear. She even wore extreme makeup to get a sexy, luxurious look. But how beautiful the photos of the “crosser team” are in a series of photos by foreign photographers,Jennie was tragically “drowned” by the camera angle and the light… indescribably bad. Although the face and waist are still top-notch, but because of the camera angle, the female idol’s legs become 1 piece short, revealing her peanuts. The low light also darkened Jennie’s skin, causing netizens to sigh. Whether it is “holy body” Kbiz or “living Chanel”, it is impossible to be beautiful in front of foreign photographers’ lenses.

Official event picture: Cut and slash but… where’s the most beautiful body in Kpop now?

Everyone was in awe when looking at a series of foreign photographers’ photos of Jennie at the event. Although Jennie’s face is still very beautiful, from the seductive bust to the toned 11th waist, the thighs are slim and perfect like a doll…

…but “YG princess”‘s skin has darkened due to the lack of light

Looking at Jennie’s toned waist, including Jennie’s extreme base 11, everyone is jealous. But the angle of the photo made Jennie’s legs short…

.. and exposed the defect of the peanut’s knee. Looking at the “holy body” Kbiz being drowned in her body with a confusing photo angle, fans can’t help but regret it

The picture of the “crossover team” taken in a hurry: Amazingly beautiful!

Meanwhile, Jennie is beautiful, chic and extremely fresh, showing off her top-notch body and sexy bust in a quick photo of the “crosswalk team”.

Jennie’s body proportions in the fan’s clip are perfect like a doll

Photos taken from the back are also strong enough to “remember”. When Jennie turned to smile, the netizen’s heart felt like “a beat”

On the way home after the event ended, Jennie scored an absolute score with a fresh and lovely face. Black and white photos make Jennie’s beauty more artistic and attractive

Blurry clip fully showing the beautiful body of the female idol born in 1996

Wearing a super short skirt, Jennie sat confusedly crossing her legs to avoid revealing

Jennie’s hair-tossing moment made netizens faint because she was so beautiful, so chic and powerful

A quick photo taken in the middle of the event but as beautiful as a magazine photo

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