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Kpop female idols are in a frenzy Fashion Week: Jennie – Suzy is Jisoo or Krystal..iu.. the international goddess…?

Kpop female idols such as Jisoo, Jennie (BLACKPINK), IU, Suzy, Krystal... all have beautiful moments when flying to the West to attend Fashion Week.

These days, Kpop fans are all feverish with the image of a series of famous idols participating in Paris Fashion Week . The cult goddesses put on gorgeous clothes, making people ecstatic with their irresistible beautiful visuals, whether watching online or flying to the venue to attend in person.

Also on this occasion, fans “digged” a series of beautiful pictures of Kpop female idols at Fashion Week every year. From the “nation’s first love” Suzy , IU , Krystal to the members of BLACKPINK , every beauty has left legendary moments when striding in the streets of the West.


Jennie is a familiar face at Fashion Week over the years. As Chanel’s ambassador, she is never absent from important shows. Most recently, at Paris Fashion Week 2021, Jennie caused an uproar with her hot and luxurious appearance

The number 11 abs are obvious and Jennie’s tiny waistline and full hips are completely exalted. Although the photos at the official event are a bit “dull” due to the bad angle and light, but in the photos taken by fansite or outside photographers, Jennie is really crazy beautiful.

No matter how hot, Jennie did not forget to pamper her fans with a series of lovely actions. The female idol waved her hand continuously, and even showed a bright smile showing her signature dumpling cheeks

Remember at Paris Fashion Week 2018, Jennie also scored with a luxurious look like a tycoon lady

Dressed up “close to the gate” but Jennie still showed off her tiny waist and perfect body

At Paris Fashion Week 2019, Jennie turned into a “snow princess” with a white tree. From a beautiful and attractive face to a powerful aura, shining everywhere, Jennie is like the female lead tycoon coming out of the movie.

At Paris Fashion Week 2020, Jennie “treats” fans with a sexy “blood spray” look. She confidently wears a two-piece dress with a deep slit showing off her full stretch and sparkling island. Although there are many mixed opinions about the outfit, Jennie’s beauty is nothing to discuss


Jisoo also attended Paris Fashion Week 2021 and left legendary moments

The visual of the Miss, perfect beauty to every line of the goddess of YG helps her take the spotlight of the event

Bold makeup style exalts Jisoo’s golden ratio face. In low light, Jisoo’s visual is still shining brightly

In the series of photos taken by the “crosswalk team”, Jisoo is even more beautiful

Earlier, at London Fashion Week 2019, Jisoo was also praised for her beautiful visuals and top-notch charisma like a tycoon lady. BLACKPINK’s eldest sister’s visual scores in every moment


Krystal’s flowing red hair, chic style and cold, sharp beauty caused a fever at Milan Fashion Week 2017. This is probably the most beautiful appearance of Kpop female idols.

Krystal attracts the lenses of many photographers thanks to her haughty beauty and immense charisma like a goddess, her body is undeniable.

At Milan Fashion Week 2018, Krystal could not maintain her style due to the long dress that swallowed her figure. Not to mention, she also showed signs of significant weight gain

Fortunately, Krystal regained her points with her appearance at New York Fashion Week 2019. “Ice Princess” Krystal attended the event in a black outfit that was sexier than ever.

Despite revealing the defects of peanuts on her knees and wrinkled legs, Krystal’s immense charisma and top beauty “weighed” everything.

Every shot of Krystal in the middle of New York’s streets is as beautiful and artistic as the movie scene

Krystal stands out everywhere thanks to her cold, sharp visuals


IU landed at Milan Fashion Week 2020 with a very “pumpkin” dress. IU’s outfit was commented by netizens as blurry, causing mixed opinions, but the visual of “the nation’s younger sister” scored an absolute score.

Despite being elegant and feminine, IU still managed to show off her surprisingly sexy side. The high slit skirt helped the singer show off her white legs.IU’s beautiful clear face, smooth white skin and sweet smile seem to bring a new breeze to the event.

IU is like a little princess walking in the West. Whether in Korea or in Italy, IU is always feminine and sweet


At Milan Fashion Week 2017, “the nation’s first love” made people ecstatic with her delicate, gentle beauty, like a goddess.Suzy’s face, clothes, and aura are all worthy of praise

Suzy’s flawless close-up photo makes people feverish

Suzy at Milan Fashion Week 2017 is beautiful but definitely not as ecstatic and memorable as Suzy at Paris Fashion Week 2019

Rarely dressed boldly, Suzy surprised everyone with a deep slit dress that showed off her curvaceous bust and white shoulders. However, the female idol and actress used her long hair to cover it up to avoid revealing

She is rarely exposed, so Suzy’s moment of showing off her bare back and revealing bust caused a fever in Korean forums at that time.The close-up photo shows Suzy’s pretty face even more.Suzy’s red hair and chic aura make everyone fall in love





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