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BLACKPINK sisters give gifts to dancers: Rosé generously gives expensive branded clothes, Lisa “proposes” with a lovely bear ring

If you are a dancer of BLACKPINK, do you prefer Lisa or Rosé's gifts?

In 2021, 2 members of BLACKPINK , Rosé and Lisa, have made their solo debuts, respectively. Although active without other members, Rosé and Lisa are not alone. The girls are always accompanied by YGX dancers on all fronts: From filming MV, going on stage to other performance schedules.

During her debut with LALISA, Lisa always had dancers with her on all fronts

Not only helping Lisa to shine on stage, the close dancer association also made her not lonely without the shadow of BLACKPINK sisters.

After finishing her solo promotions, Lisa prepared gifts to thank the dance crew. Lisa prepared for dancers hats, LALISA album and especially a ring in a bear-shaped box which is extremely cute. For each dancer, Lisa carefully chooses a suitable model.

The hat, album and ring in the bear box are what Lisa gave her dancers

The dancers posted the gift packages that Lisa gave them

With Rosé’s ” On The Ground” promotion , she also thoughtfully gave gifts to each dancer after finishing the schedule. Rosé also plays as big as Lisa, giving her dancers all expensive brands. Valuable gifts from high-end fashion brand Rosé are representing the generosity of main vocal BLACKPINK to the staff working together.

Rosé took a photo with the dancer after giving gifts

Each person will receive a branded gift bag delicately prepared by Rosé

Besides gifts, Rosé also showed her sincerity when sending flowers and handwritten letters to each person. What a valuable gift both physically and mentally!

Besides gifts, Rosé also sent flowers and a very sincere thank you card

Rosé and Lisa’s actions show the close relationship between them and their dancers. Thereby, fans also appreciate the friendliness and thoughtfulness of the BLACKPINK sisters.

BLACKPINK has a close relationship with its dancers


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