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Jisoo (BLACKPINK) has spoken out clearly about the dating news of the expensive player Son Heung Min?

The rumor that Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is dating the player Son Heung Min has caused an explosion of social networks, and people are constantly talking.

On this morning (October 7), people were confused by rumors that Jisoo (BLACKPINK) was dating the number 1 Asian player Son Heung Min . The couple is said to have returned to Korea from Paris on October 5, Jisoo took advantage of both attending Paris Fashion Week and meeting Son Heung Min. Even, both stars are said to wear double bracelets.

Although Son Heung Min and YG have not yet commented on this rumor, netizens have “digged” an old interview in which Jisoo has denied dating. When asked about her relationship with the captain of the Korean team, BLACKPINK’s eldest sister replied, “We’re not even close . ”

The couple’s 2 bracelets were also “reviewed” by netizens and discovered that they have differences, most likely this is just a product that is loved by a celebrity, or given as a gift by a brand to promote. Also because of this bracelet, Jisoo was also rumored to be dating V (BTS).

Son Heung Min and Jisoo are suspected of dating because they both returned to Korea on October 5. It is said that the expensive player did not fly back from London, but took a trip from Paris

Both are said to be wearing the same pair of bracelets

In 2019, Jisoo went to the football field in London to cheer for Son Heung Min, thereby sparking dating news

However, BLACKPINK’s eldest sister denied, saying that she and Son Heung Min are not close to each other

Jisoo’s bracelet even resembles V (BTS), which has also sparked dating rumors. This makes netizens speculate that this is just a ring that is loved by many people, or that the stars are gifted by the brand.

Jisoo always shows a clear attitude, denies dating Son Heung Min and even makes the relationship clear: Not familiar with each other!

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