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Lisa released a strange magazine photo: From wearing a bib to a sexy deep chest slit, who would expect to be netizens compared to… ex-girlfriend G-Dragon?

Lisa's magazine photos (BLACKPINK) make people talk non-stop not only because she is so beautiful, but also looks like a special character.

As representatives of famous luxury fashion brands, BLACKPINK members constantly appear on magazine covers. Recently, Harper’s Bazaar Thailand magazine has “teased” the photos of the youngest Lisa taken for the October issue.

In this series of photos, Lisa impresses with her beautiful doll-like beauty, style that is both chic and sexy, ecstatic. The female idol born in 1997 had the opportunity to wear from skirts like bibs, short dresses showing off her extremely long legs to a deep slit shirt showing off her surprisingly sexy bust. Worth mentioning on the cover of her hometown magazine, Lisa was surprised again because her style, hairstyle and facial expressions were reminiscent of… the beauty Nana Komatsu – G-Dragon’s ex-lover. In particular, in the close-up photo, many netizens commented that Lisa looks even more like an actress and model from Japan. This causes an awkward situation because G-Dragon is currently dating Jennie – a member of the same group as Lisa.

Harper’s Bazaar Thailand magazine has released a “teasing” photo for the October issue with Lisa’s cover face. The youngest member of BLACKPINK wears a short skirt to fully show off her long straight legs that everyone will fall in love with

Lisa also cleverly wears a deep slit shirt showing off her sexy bust. Model-like body proportions help Lisa stand out anywhere

Lisa is getting more and more bold and sexy every day, the first round is full, making people “spray nose” in series

In particular, looking at the close-up photo, many people will be surprised because Lisa looks like the beauty Nana Komatsu. From the hairstyle, expression to Lisa’s facial expressions, it’s all reminiscent of…

.. G-Dragon’s ex-lover. “I really like Konichan (Nana Komatsu), I love her. Many people say she looks like BLACKPINK’s Lisa) but the first time I watched Konichan’s movies, Lisa always looked like Nana Komatsu and not the other way around… Oh, talking too much”, “Looks like Nana Komatsu”, netizens commented on Twitter, Facebook

The five senses are sharp like a doll, the body lines are extremely slim and seductive, Lisa makes people unable to take their eyes off.

The “international sister” is becoming more and more attractive and bolder. Showing off her collarbones and bare shoulders is nothing, Lisa is still…

… wearing a fancy cut shirt showing off the tiny ant’s waist

In every moment, Lisa is perfectly beautiful like a doll, unable to find flaws. In this photo, Lisa appears in a very cute style, different from her usual strong and sexy look

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