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Surpassing both Jennie (BLACKPINK) and V (BTS), this emerging actress of Kbiz has set a new record on Instagram

Although there are not half as many followers on Instagram as Jennie or BTS' group accounts, not 1/3rd of Lisa's, but this is Kbiz's record holder.

Instagram is a popular social network used by many celebrities around the world, and Korea is no exception. Most Kpop idols, or Korean showbiz participants, have individual or group Instagram accounts.

Currently, Lisa is the account with the most followers in Kbiz with 62.5 million followers, followed by Jennie with 53.6 million followers, in third place is BTS’s group account with 50, 4 million followers.

Lisa currently has 62.5 million followers on Instagram, topping Kbiz

Jennie is 2nd with 53.7 million followers

And BTS’s account ranks 3rd with 50.4 million followers

As the accounts with the largest number of followers in Kbiz, it is not surprising that the 3 accounts above once held the post with the largest number of likes on Instagram. However, recently, an actress with only 17.8 million followers has risen to hold the most liked post on Instagram Kbiz.

That actress is Jung Ho Yeon, the female lead of Squid Game that has been storming lately. Although she is just an emerging actress, having just debuted with her first movie, she is not a strange name. Ho Yeon participated in Korea’s Next Top Model and won the runner-up title.

She is also in the list of the top 50 top models in the world and most recently, the famous fashion brand Louis Vuitton announced Ho Yeon will become its global Ambassador for 3 segments Fashion, Watches and Fashion. Jewels.

Since Squid Game was released and was a huge success, Jung Ho Yeon’s Instagram has increased by a huge number of followers day by day, from 400K now to 17.8 million followers. Not only that, Ho Yeon’s Instgaram photo including the two other Squid Game actors has become the most liked post on Kbiz Instagram.

Ho Yeon’s post has over 10.7 million likes

Meanwhile Jennie’s post is 10.6 million likes and V’s post is 10.03 million likes

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