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“Family turbulence” BLACKPINK: The group has only 4 members, but every girl is treated unfairly?

It is with great pleasure to introduce BLACKPINK's long-running, high-class fighting genre, which is very thrilling and attractive.

4 BLACKPINK girls now seem to have nothing in their hands. The whole group is rich and high-class girls, beautiful on the outside with a lot of money inside, the fame is sky-high in Asia, but also famous in the West, wherever you go, you will be “carried” to the fullest extent in the world. there. In such a place of high fame and glory, though luxurious, there is also a lot of marketing.

BLACKPINK is famous in the sky, has a high reputation, and there will be windy winds from above

BLACKPINK’s fandom is overwhelmingly fan-only, the individual fans of the members are determined not to let their idols suffer, the amount of money spent to support is innumerable, but it creates waves and stirs up a war. not little. There are only 4 members in the group, but every few meals, every half a month, I see a fan of one person complaining that their idol is being discriminated against, suffering a lot of injustice, the media is buzzing with news. It feels like a high-class movie fighting, a harem fighting for favors, seeing that my idol is so poor that I can’t stand it, it must be the most favored name in YG!

It is my pleasure to introduce Hac Huong’s thrilling and fascinating long-running family drama series.

1. “Sacrifice eldest sister” Jisoo
Jisoo is the story of an eldest sister who often has to make sacrifices, watching the children do their individual activities continuously while I give in and retreat to the back, just someone who silently supports behind the scenes. Dubbed the visual of BLACKPINK, even among the top of the new generation idols, many times YG forgot about Jisoo, didn’t post pictures or covered her face, the broadcast time in Jisoo’s MVs was almost too long. much lower than the other 3 members.

In Blackpink’s many international activities, only 3 girls spoke up and chatted happily while Jisoo almost turned invisible. Fans all think that the problem is not with the language, the company can completely prepare the script for Jisoo in advance, and behaving like this is deliberately snubbing her.

YG forgot to post individual posters for Jisoo during their comeback with How You Like That

I don’t know if YG lacks pictures but chose the right picture but didn’t see Jisoo for the poster

They always have a lot of screen time to shine, and the eldest sister, Jisoo, sacrifices, often ranks at the bottom of the list.

Earlier this year, Jisoo fans rented 6 trucks to take them to YG’s headquarters, pointing out 11 points of injustice Jisoo suffered in the hope that YG could listen to the fans’ opinions. Besides, there is no shortage of times when fans have to trend a series of hashtags to express their displeasure on behalf of idols like #JisooleaveYG (Jisolea please leave YG), #RespectJisoo (Respect Jisoo), #TreatJisooFairly (Treat with Jisoo) Jisoo is fair)…

Fans rented a series of trucks to YG headquarters to demand justice for Jisoo

Many people think that an outstanding visual like Jisoo would have been “pop” in SM’s hands for a long time

2. “Hidden Rose” Rosé
The beautiful and talented rose Rosé is not allowed to shine, but often suffers from “hiding” without the opportunity to develop as much as the sisters in the group. In 2020, Rosé’s fans once made a comprehensive table comparing the individual activities of the members since their debut, only to draw the conclusion that Rosé is the one with the fewest jobs, advertising achievements, and participation in events. solo events are far inferior to Lisa, Jennie. Tired of seeing idols suffer injustice, many fans even advised Rosé to leave YG.


Looking at the summary of BLACKPINK’s individual activities, Rosé is clearly inferior

Even an international group of Rosé’s fans rented a truck to drive around the YG building, “Give Rosé what she deserves!”. Fans especially urged YG to create conditions for Rosé to have more individual activities and sing OSTs: “It’s sad that Rosé doesn’t have an OST for dramas. While she has a voice emotional and always delivers the song perfectly. We want her to have an OST as soon as possible.”

Rosé fans also feel frustrated, thinking that their idol deserves a chance to develop more

3. “Disgraced Princess” Jennie
Once called “YG princess”, “dear” in BLACKPINK, but there are days when Jennie’s fans are angry about their idol suffering a lot of injustice. Once, in the description of BLACKPINK’s goods at the store that YG itself opened on Amazon, Jennie completely ignored Jennie, while still mentioning Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé.

Intro in the photo: “Lisa, Rose and Jisoo dolls are 3 inches tall, wearing their iconic outfits in the DDU-DU DDU-DU MV”. Jennie’s name has been forgotten

And yet, Jennie is also lost in the photocard introduction of BLACKPINK. This is a series of items from THE SHOW online concert , the other 3 members all have pictures while Jennie doesn’t have one.

I don’t understand why Jennie was rejected like that

Another similar case when YG suddenly deleted a series of Jennie’s debut photos, leaving only pictures of the remaining 3 members, making fans extremely angry.

Last year, Jennie ‘s fans were extremely sensitive when a series of disturbing events took place. Jennie is the only member who hasn’t appeared in any TV show for the past 3 years. In June 2020, when Jennie was threatened to kill by antifan right before the comeback, YG ignored this information. While before that, she was extremely enthusiastic about the information that Lisa was threatened with death and quickly defended. With such a series of problems, Jennie’s fans were so angry that together they trended the hashtag #FREEJENNIE to urge her to leave the management company as soon as possible.

Jennie fans once called for idols to leave the group because they felt it was too unfair

Earlier this year, Jennie’s fans also followed the same process… rented a truck to protest in front of YG to make their point. They asked the company to take measures to protect the female idol’s privacy with the words running on the screen: “Send the person who leaked Jennie’s home address” and “Report a professional hacker to hack Jennie’s Instagram” . In addition, fans also urged the company to announce activities for the main rapper of BLACKPINK in the future. Besides renting a truck, they also gave Jennie flowers and installed LED panels for 3 days to make their message more noticeable to YG.

“Treat Jennie more kindly”, “YG immediately protect the artist” are the messages printed on the truck parked in front of YG headquarters.

In June, watching the scene where Rosé was debuting, Jisoo was filming, Lisa was also busy practicing, but Jennie was completely silent. Jennie’s international fansites planned to trend hashtags on Twitter and focus on comments on Instagram, in order to ask YG to give feedback on the benefits of Solo’s voice, explaining the issue: “Is Jennie’s solo comeback currently being discussed? Will YG consider it in future plans?”.

It’s been three years since Jennie’s solo, but she has absolutely no sign of coming back soon. She was the first to get a solo, but now Jennie can only sit and watch her teammates’ busy promotions

4. “Foreign stepbrother” Lisa

In Lisa’s case, it was strange to be favored, and to be discriminated against was as common as usual. Before becoming the most popular “international sister” in the group like now, Lisa was treated like a “stepchild” when she was a member of BLACKPINK but was constantly caught wearing clothes from a dancer. Jennie’s subtitle. And that’s not all, because Lisa is YG’s first foreign idol, coming from Southeast Asia, and then famous in the international market but “rejected” in Korea… so it’s a list of the injustice that Lisa endured longer than all of the sisters above.

Lisa has to reuse many times, wearing the same clothes as Jennie’s back-up dancer

The gif that used to make a lot of noise for a while is said to clearly show the hierarchy of the group members: Jennie is the top priority and Lisa is just below. But after all, Lisa’s love for the sisters in the group is clear

Recently, Lisa was “banned” by YG from participating in the event of her brand as a representative. Lisa’s personal YouTube channel, Lilifilm , can’t link to YG’s artist profile, while both Jennie and Rosé’s channels have them. In addition, fans also discovered that Lisa’s personal playlist was removed from the official page of YG Entertainment on Spotify. Although Lisa’s playlist later appeared again, this once again ignited the anger of fans.

A series of articles have reported about the injustices Lisa has suffered recently, fans have spoken out to demand justice for their idols through the hashtags #JUSTICEFORLISA (Justice for Lisa) and #YGLetLisaDoHerWork (Let Lisa do her work. her) to the top trending

Lisa Bar – Lisa’s biggest fan station in China released an urgent statement: “Based on what your company has treated with Lisa’s solo debut and all individual activities, we decided to Stop buying BLACKPINK albums indefinitely. We hope you will respond as soon as possible.”

Earlier on March 16, on March 16, Lisa’s fans sent trucks to YG headquarters to ask the company to change stylists and photographers for Lisa, helping her build a more diverse image.

That’s when I saw that fans were all saying their idols were discriminated against, everyone was pressing for their idols to leave the group, it turned out that it was fair, the whole group was rejected the same… That’s how it became clear Seems like a fan is too sensitive. It’s true that YG sometimes makes mistakes, but when the members grow, the company benefits, but there’s no benefit in drowning one person down another.

I still know that fans take care of their idols, don’t want their idols to suffer injustice or pressure. But sometimes it is not clear in the house that the alley is already walled, constantly making a fuss, only making the idol suffer a bad influence, even being ridiculed by people. The family is so miserable, the family has 4 sisters who are both beautiful, rich and famous, but no one understands behind that flashy look that many fans feel that it is not enough, everyone is discriminated against. Everyone is treated unfairly by the company! I’m so sorry.

BLACKPINK sisters are very close, want to play the flavor of friendship but keep forcing them to take on the role of family turbulence!

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