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Nearly 6 million tweets demanding justice from BLACKPINK fans without merit, YG let Lisa work and have the latest schedule in Italy?

The latest developments between YG and Lisa's controversy have happened, has she really been able to do her job?

In the past few days, Lisa (BLACKPINK) fans have repeatedly expressed their frustration at YG not letting Lisa attend the schedules she should have appeared. In the latest development, at midnight on October 10 (Vietnam time), BVLGARI CEO Mr. JCBabin posted on his personal page Lisa’s latest photo and information related to the youngest sister’s schedule. BLACKPINK: ” We are very proud to partner with you, Lisa, and look forward to seeing you soon in Rome to review our Bulgari 2022/2023 jewelry project. You will be welcomed like a queen by Bulgaria ” .

CEO BVLGARI updated Lisa’s new schedule

This move of the CEO made Lisa fans somewhat happy because it seems that the actions of the fans in the past few days have had an impact on YG. There have been nearly 6 million tweets on the Twitter platform with the keyword YG Let Lisa Do Her Work (YG let Lisa do her work) . And now, it seems that Lisa has been able to carry out a new schedule without being banned by YG for any reason.

The keyword YG Let Lisa Do Her Work attracts 5.6 million tweets

Lisa seems to have been able to carry out her schedule without being stopped by YG

Although it is not clear when Lisa’s schedule in Rome (Italy) will take place, but this is a good sign for YG’s change in artist management. Before that, it was also thanks to the CEO of BVLGARI JCBabin that fans were able to grasp Lisa’s situation to claim justice for the idol.

BVLGARI CEO’s post has sparked a series of harsh actions from fans

He once lamented on social networks that it was extremely regrettable that he could not work with Lisa even though she was in France: “Our wonderful ambassador, Lisa, is currently in Europe. However, it is worth it. Unfortunately, due to COVID, her company doesn’t want her to participate in (brand’s) events and shows which is also the reason why we were unable to film with Zendaya, Lily Aldridge and Vittoria until now. for BVLGARI’s 2021, 2022 campaign But it is true that we will do it as soon as possible because we are good friends and are trying to make this partnership perfect I hope this will answer the questions and inquiries from Lisa fans that I receive . ”

Now let’s wait for Lisa’s latest schedule!

Fans are always waiting for Lisa’s activities in the West

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