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Amidst rumors of discrimination, netizens spot the difference on Lisa’s YouTube channel compared to Jennie and Rosé

Many netizens believe that Lisa is being treated unfairly from the YG management company.

In recent days, Kpop fans, especially BLACKPINK fans, are constantly pushing the top trending keyword #YGLetLisaDoHerWork (rough translation: YG let Lisa do her job) on Twitter, unsubscribing to YouTube channel BLACKPINK or even Even many pages posted notices to stop supporting group albums due to suspicions that YG discriminated against Lisa.

Hashtag had 5.6 million results on 10/10

Up to now, YG Entertainment has not commented on this issue, but many netizens have noticed the difference on Lisa’s YouTube channel with 2 members Jennie and Rosé (Jisoo currently does not have a separate YouTube channel).

Currently, Lisa’s personal YouTube channel, Lilifilm Official, has the most subscribers among BLACKPINK members. However, this channel does not link to YG’s artist profile. Meanwhile, both Jennie and Rosé’s channels have them.

But every Lisa is not…

Of all the channels attached to YG Entertainment’s other YouTube channels that are privately owned, such as G-Dragon, Taeyang, Seung-yoon, there is an accompanying link to YG, only Lisa does not.

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