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aespa saw off ITZY thanks to the new album’s achievements and went to “share the tray” with BLACKPINK – TWICE, the first place in Gen 4 has changed hands!

This comeback of aespa is really a great victory on all fronts, digital music has peaked in album sales.

aespa had a great comeback with Savage, the group’s music product received a lot of support from the audience, continuously making big and small achievements. Not only has aespa won the hearts of the public with its towering rankings on digital music charts, but aespa has also proved that it is building a solid fandom community with impressive album sales. Although it is the first time to release a physical album, it has sold more than 276,800 copies in the first week.

aespa’s savage is too “savage” (barbaric), the album “launching” has achieved such an impressive achievement

With this number, aespa officially reached the top of Kpop girl groups with the highest album sales in the first week. More than a week ago, ITZY has just recorded 259,705 album sales, ranked fourth in the chart. But now, with the new achievement, aespa has directly taken ITZY’s position, pushing the 4th generation opponent below him. So aespa is now only behind the three big names BLACKPINK, IZ * ONE, TWICE, the rest has surpassed a series of other names, even surpassing the seniors of the same company Red Velvet.

BLACKPINK still holds the top spot with more than 630 thousand copies sold for The Album

IZ*ONE ranked second when owning the album Oneiric Diary with sales of 389 thousand copies

TWICE immediately followed IZ * ONE when More & More also reached a formidable number with more than 332 thousand copies

The fourth place that once belonged to ITZY has now been transferred to aespa

And ITZY sadly dropped to 5th place

The achievement of 207,399 copies with Red Velvet’s album Queendom is also very impressive, but it can’t compare to the current popular 4th generation juniors.

Achieving such an impressive achievement, while aespa is still a rookie group less than a year old, it goes without saying that the group has overwhelmed Knet, dedicated to countless girls. many winged compliments:

– Oh cloud zing, knot aespa!

– aespa is really a big rookie. All of the group’s songs are great.

– This is the first physical album that has sold like this.

– Wow, that’s amazing aespa. The whole album deserves excellent marks.

– It’s the top of the peak.

– aespa is the best. Sell ​​the album well. Hopefully the group will sell more than 300,000 copies next time.

– U is heaven! Out of sauce.

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