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Rosé BLACKPINK wears a series of beautiful autumn clothes, let’s buy it for girls to have a super sweet cold day style.

Rosé's sets for cold days are highly applicable, they are all beautiful to wear to school.

When the weather starts to turn cold, women are spoiled for wearing billions of clothes, suffering often when they are confused about the terrible idea of ​​​​mixing clothes. In the morning, I stand in front of the wardrobe, not knowing what to wear today. Now don’t worry, Rosé’s series of simple and trendy outfits below will be the perfect suggestion for this cold season.

Knit crop top + blazer + pants

BLACKPINK’s main vocal looks really cool with this mix. An oversize blazer jacket combined with a crop top inside helps her show off her slim waist while ensuring warmth.

Girls can apply this style to work or school. Here are a few shopping suggestions to buy things like Rosé:

Ton-sur-ton jacket and skirt set

The style of mixing casual clothes “number two, no one is number one” is wearing a jacket and skirt in a set. With a simple set like this, you can add a few trendy accessories such as bow hair, high heels or pretty handbags.

Any girl who follows the style of a luxurious lady should definitely not ignore Rosé’s lovely set of suggestions:

Cardigan + tennis skirt

Teen style like this is really the most popular style this year, a fashion girl like Rosé definitely can’t ignore items like cardigans or tennis skirts. When you go out and don’t know how to dress up, please refer to Rosé’s set right away.

Catching the trend of checkered cardigans and tennis skirts like Rosé is super easy with the following shopping suggestions:

Sleeveless blazer + tennis skirt

Another way to combine with a beautiful tennis skirt is to mix it with a stylized dangling blazer. Rosé wears this set quite simply, with both tops and skirts of the same color, just adding accessories such as hats or turtleneck socks, the overall look will be extremely cute.

Click this set, then turn here to refer to you guys:

Wool vest + white shirt + tennis skirt

The last set suggested to you is also extremely simple and easy to buy. Wool vest and shirt inside is a familiar but never out-of-fashion combo of girls. This combo is combined with a short skirt to be pretty and feminine.

This style is suitable for girls to wear to school, go out. If you like this set, come here to shop:


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