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Jisoo (BLACKPINK) not only shows off her new iPhone 13, but also shows off her new case.

iPhone 13 has just been released not long ago, Jisoo is the first member of BLACKPINK to own it.

After finishing Dior’s show at Paris Fashion Week , Jisoo returned to Korea and immediately showed off the hot hit sierra blue iPhone 13 Pro Max model that has just been released by Apple. She is also the first member of BLACKPINK to own an iPhone 13 and is also one of the first Korean idols to own this new model.

Jisoo posted a photo of her check-in with her new iPhone with the caption “new phone, cute case”.

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Jisoo’s lovely bear case was also quickly peeled off by fans for a cheap moment, but the price is “expensive”. The bear case from the familiar brand – Casetify, is made of silicone with a shock-resistant edge to withstand drops from a height of more than 2m, has a coating that removes 99% of bacteria and is also compatible with wireless charging .

The case model costs 60 USD

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