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What’s going on: The keyword “BLACKPINK disbanded” reached the top trending, Lisa from “victim” suddenly turned “criminal”?

Everything turned upside down after just 1 night, why did YG offend BLACKPINK that fans demanded the group disband like this?

The keyword “BLACKPINK disband” (BLACKPINK disbanded) suddenly reached the top trending from midnight to the morning of October 14. BLACKPINK fans ca n’t help but be bewildered by this information. In particular, this keyword was promoted by fans right after Lisa officially confirmed to collaborate with DJ Snake through MV teaser ” SXY GIRL”

The keyword BLACKPINK disband received tens of thousands of tweets, climbing the top trending


The keyword was promoted right after the teaser video for the collaboration between DJ Snake, Lisa, Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion was posted.

Read carefully the posts related to this hashtag to understand the reason. As it turned out, Lisa just momentarily the word “victim” became the reason why BLACKPINK fans continued to demand justice for other members. Lisa’s latest solo activity made fans of another member of the group feel that her idol was being treated less fairly.

Rosé’s fans shared a “sample text” asking YG to treat Rosé fairly: ” We are asking YG to let Rosé accept the invitation to collaborate, sing the OST, and do her job as an artist. How to be a musician. If you can comfortably let others collaborate then allow Rosé! She deserves it too!” .

Many posts have the same content asking YG to treat Rosé fairly, with the hashtags BLACKPINK disband and Free Rosé.

After Lisa, it was Rosé’s fan’s turn to ask YG to let Rosé do her work

Many Kpop fans always want to work in entertainment companies, but consider this because being a YG staff is never easy! It’s not just a fandom asking for a comeback, because BLACKPINK has 27 fandoms ! As long as the company can treat all these fandoms in a way that pleases them, the talk of disbanding, leaving the group, leaving the company will stop.

The group only has 4 members but it’s never been so difficult to treat everyone fairly

YG is suffering too, but YG doesn’t say it!

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