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In the midst of the controversy about supporting YG dancers in Street Woman Fighter, Rosé (BLACKPINK) suddenly made an unexpected move

The character supported by Rosé (BLACKPINK) also publicly commented under the new series of photos of the female idol.

Rosé (BLACKPINK) is currently at the center of controversy with her public act of calling on fans to support team YGX at Mnet’s show Street Woman Fighter . Many people believe that with so much influence, Rosé’s call can change YGX’s ranking, which is not fair to other teams. But there are also many people who defend female idols, saying that many other celebrities also openly support the dancers.

In the middle of the controversy, Rosé suddenly made an unexpected move. On her personal page, the female idol born in 1997 has posted a series of new photos that are not related to this controversy. In the photo, Rosé eats and drinks, uses the phone under the dim light. It seemed that the controversy did not affect her at all. Below the comment section, Lee Jung – Rosé’s close friend and YGX dancer also left the comment “I love you”, attracting great attention from netizens

On her personal page, Rosé urged fans to support YGX team: “Everyone, please press the like button for your friend’s video! Everything is great. Remember to like the video. Lee Jung, you are really amazing.”

Because the YGX team is at the bottom, Rosé has 48.5 million followers…

… that’s why netizens are worried that her actions will change the results, unfair to other teams

In the midst of the controversy, Rosé posted a series of new photos on her personal page

The female idol shows off a photo of eating strawberries under the dim lights and candles

She also did not post any captions

However, looking at Rosé’s bright face,…

… netizens think that this controversy has no effect on female idols

Lee Jung – close friend and member of YGX also commented “I love you” below the post of “Australian rose”.

Rosé and Lee Jung are so close in real life

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