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Clip million views with only 1 question: In 2023 BLACKPINK disbanded, are you still BLINK?

If BLACKPINK disbands in 2023, will you still be BLINK?

Recently, BLACKPINK ‘s fan community has passed on a clip posted by an account that is a fan of hers Rosé. Accordingly, the clip was shared with the status line: “In 2023, BLACKPINK disbanded, are you still BLINKs?”.

Just one question is enough to make the BLINK community extremely emotional. Besides, the moment when the YG girls burst into tears because of the fans’ love for them, it also made everything seem more quiet.


The clip of BLACKPINK touched by fans’ love shared by the BLINK community

BLACKPINK who burst into tears, who tried to hide their tears

The fans’ love made the girls unable to hide their emotions

The clip is attracting attention with the question, “In 2023, BLACKPINK disbands, are you still BLINKs?”

Below the clip, there were nearly 6 thousand comments discussing this question. With the BLINK community, fans must know the fact that according to the standard contract of Kpop artists, by 2023, BLACKPINK must consider re-signing with YG Entertainment or “giving each other their own way”.

Therefore, when faced with the question of the future, most of BLACKPINK’s fans affirmed: “One day as a BLINK, forever as a BLINK”. Many other opinions were also moved to share, even though BLACKPINK later separated, one heart still turned to the girls.

However, there are also more rational comments saying that it is only in theory and by 2023 it is likely that BLACKPINK will continue to renew the contract, so fans do not need to be too worried. The clip currently has more than 1.7 million views.


The clip is currently collecting 1.7 million views on MXH TikTok

Some comments from the online community:

– BLACKPINK will forever be my youth.

– One day as BLINK forever BLINK, never change Idol.

– As long as you’re still breathing, you’ll still be BLINK.

– Forever BLINK, I won’t forget.

– Everyone, please don’t mention that sad year.

– Maybe the group will extend the contract for a few more years. How optimistic.

The clip shared by fans on social media is a cut from the Arena Tour 2018 concert in Osaka, Japan. The moment BLACKPINK silently looked at the gift that the fans prepared made the girls extremely emotional. For BLACKPINK’s fan community, such moments will always be unforgettable memories

The moment Jennie and BLACKPINK members burst into tears because of fans’ love at Arena Tour 2018, Osaka

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