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YG is so strange these days: Rejecting the dating news of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) quickly, also issued a notice to protect this strong artist

YG's recent moves to protect artists are receiving a lot of support from fans.

YG is known as a Martian company because of the unnatural comeback schedule of the “chickens”, saying it’s early but don’t know until when, saying it’s next month but sometimes it takes years. Another reason is because of YG’s “heavenly” temperament, which always responds to artists as if it has nothing to do with them like: ” this is the artist’s private matter, we don’t know ” or ” We are in the process of finding out “.

The even higher level is the “unchanging mind in the midst of life’s changes”, no matter how much the public stirs and talks, YG still decides to keep quiet and keep a mind that lets the water flow, the world turns around. things will settle down.

However, everyone is different. These days, YG seems to have left Mars and returned to Earth, responding quickly to any problem, when needed, it is very tough. Has YG really changed their behavior?

YG’s “heavenly” working style is also clearly shown through the architecture in the company’s headquarters building, looking at it, it looks like it’s on Mars!

Specifically, on the morning of October 14, YG announced that it would take strong legal action against malicious comments directed at the company’s artists. Details are announced as follows:

“Hello. We are YG Entertainment.

First, we would like to express our deep gratitude to the fans who have shown their love for our artist. Because of the love of the public, we have limited legal actions in the past time, considering slander as part of our responsibility.

But more and more malicious rumors, criticisms, personal attacks, sexual harassment and invasions of privacy are being circulated without consideration, making it difficult for us to hold back. make more.

So, since the beginning of the year, we have been monitoring a large number of posts across the web that violate the rights and interests of artists based on the information provided by fans, and we also look at carefully consider issues that go beyond the bounds.

Currently, the company has filed lawsuits against people who regularly distribute maliciously false information for defamation, slander, obstruction of business, violation of the Act Concerning the Use of Network Information and Information Protection.

In the coming time, the company will continue to take strong legal action to protect the artist in case the artist’s honor is seriously smeared or suffered irreparable harm.

At the same time, we would like to thank our fans once again for the very helpful reports. We are reviewing all the materials you submit, and if you find any behavior that harms the artist in the future, please proactively notify us.

We will become a YG Entertainment that constantly strives to protect our artists.”

YG has decided to take strong legal action to protect its artists

A few days ago on the morning of October 10, YG also made an official statement denying the relationship between Jisoo and Son Heung Min. Usually these rumors YG will ignore, but this time due to the seriousness of the incident, YG could not ignore it, quickly responded to correct and protect Jisoo’s image.

The quick behavior, the announcement made with strong words, clearly like this is a rare thing in YG, so the Kpop fan community everywhere is extremely surprised, praising the change of the company.

Often ignoring dating rumors, but this time YG took a very quick action to protect Jisoo against rumors.

Hopefully next time YG will continue to maintain this fast and professional working style. Surely not only the company will benefit, the artists will be protected, but the fans will also be very pleased.

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