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10 Kpop solo MVs dominating YouTube 2021: BLACKPINK “chickens fight each other”, who is the only male artist in the top?

The stage of Kpop solo artists is equally exciting in 2021.

2021 is considered to be one of the most impressive years for K-pop solo artists. In addition to some long-time artists breaking past records, there are also new solo artists that dominate music charts and album sales or YouTube achievements. The numbers that the artists achieved in the YouTube views segment have also partly reflected the situation of Kpop solo artists. Here are 10 Kpop solo songs released in 2021 with the highest views.

*Data is as of October 1, 2021.

10. You Can’t Sit With Us – Sunmi
Released on August 6 in Sunmi’s album 1/6 , You Can’t Sit With Us has now reached 54.1 million views on YouTube and 769.5 thousand likes.


You Can’t Sit With Us by Sunmi ranked 10th in solo MV views

9. What Type of X – Jessi
Jessi’s MV What Type of X was released on March 17, currently has 54.6 million views as well as 1.97 million likes on YouTube.



Jessi’s MV ranked 9th in terms of views on YouTube

8. RiBBon – BamBam
BamBam is the only male solo idol to appear on this list. After leaving JYP with GOT7, BamBam launched the product RiBBon on June 15. Currently, the MV has reached 59.4 million views and 980 thousand likes on YouTube.


BamBam is the only male solo representative whose MV has the highest views in the top 10

IU has 2 MVs with impressive views this year. In which, 7th place belongs to LILAC , IU’s latest MV. Released on March 25 in the album of the same name, MV LILAC currently has 60.6 million views and 1.85 million likes on YouTube.


MV LILAC now has over 60 million views on YouTube

6. DUMB DUMB – Somi
DUMB DUMB marks Somi’s comeback after more than 1 year. The song once again affirms Somi’s unique musical personality and is well received. Released on August 2, DUMB DUMB currently has 89.1 million views and 2.3 million likes on YouTube.



After more than 2 months, Somi’s solo MV has more than 89 million views

 5. Celebrity – IU
5th place belongs to IU with MV Celebrity . This is one of the opening MVs of Kpop in 2021 when released on January 27. Celebrity has now surpassed the milestone of 100 million views, namely 109 million. Although she has been an active idol for more than 13 years in the profession, IU has always maintained her form with achievements comparable to a series of junior idols of the new generation



The Celebrity MV has now reached 109.5 million views and 2.8 million likes on YouTube

4. MONEY – Lisa
MONEY is a b-side song on Lisa’s solo debut single album ” LALISA” . Video MONEY is a special case in this list. Instead of 1 MV, YG released a performance video for MONEY . However, the filming sets are carefully and beautifully invested, “genuine” like an MV. This video has a rapid view growth rate, has received 125 million views when it was released more than 20 days ago.


3. GONE – Rose
Ranked above MONEY is another b-side product from Lisa’s sister – Rosé. The MV for the song ” GONE” has currently reached 138 million views on YouTube after 6 months of release.

Rosé’s GONE MV has 138 million views and 5.5 million likes after 6 months of release


2. On The Ground – Rose
2nd place continued to call Rosé’s name with the MV of the title song in her solo debut with the album -R- . Released on March 11, the MV On The Ground currently has 236.8 million views and 9.53 million likes on YouTube.




Runner-up belongs to Rosé .’s MV On The Ground.MV On The Ground – Rose

1. LALISA – Lisa
Needless to say about the peak level of MV LALISA . Despite being one of the 2 latest released MVs in the top 10, LALISA quickly gained 269 million views to occupy No.


Too fast too dangerous! MV LALISA has now reached 269 million views and 13 million likes .MV LALISA – Lisa

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