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Lisa (BLACKPINK) hinted that fans would meet in Paris, thinking that they would meet and hug each other like longtime best friends!

The special promise and warm hug from Lisa (BLACKPINK) will surely be an "achievement", the most memorable memory for this fangirl.

On October 15, Lisa (BLACKPINK) had a schedule to move from Nice to Paris (France) on a business trip to the West. Upon landing in Paris, a lovely story between Lisa and lucky fangirl took place. Through the fangirl’s story, many other fans can’t help but be envious of this cuteness.

Lisa had a schedule to move to Paris on October 15

Specifically, a fangirl was hugged by Lisa at the airport very happily. The two seem to have known each other from before. Dig deep into the story to find out that Lisa and her fangirl had a promise to meet before.

Lisa recognized you fangirl

Then hugged this friend, making the online community excited

Before that, this fangirl had a video call session with Lisa in the framework of the fansign solo album LALISA . The two had a promise to meet in Paris “hidden and open”. It was thought that Lisa was only dating fans for an indefinite period of time, but who would have thought that she would secretly spoil the schedule to Paris.


Lisa promised to meet her fans again in Paris at the fansign

Lisa: See you soon.

Fangirl: Did you really come here (Paris)?

Lisa: See you soon, if I can meet you.

Fangirl: Did you just spoil it?

Lisa: I don’t know anything, goodbye.

Fangirl: I will wait for you. I have been waiting for you for 1 year.

Lisa: Okay, see you soon.

And that promise has come true. They really see each other as friends, respecting the promises they made. When meeting Lisa, the fangirl broke down: “I’m really happy. I finally met you” . Lisa also replied: “We finally met” .

Lisa is so warm!

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