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What is the waist measurement of Rosé – Lisa (BLACKPINK) that is taken as a standard compared to all the best body beauties in showbiz?

The waistline of Rosé and Lisa (BLACKPINK) is not only the standard of Kbiz, but also the dream of many girls.

BLACKPINK members have always been praised as the best “body saints” in Kbiz. In particular, Lisa and Rosé are often in the top of unbelievable small-waisted female idols. The tiny ant waist helps the duo “weigh” beautifully in any outfit and stand out anywhere. So, how much is Lisa and Rosé’s 2nd round measurement that reaches such a level that it is always taken as a standard to compare with all the best body beauties in Kbiz?

Rose: 60cm or 48cm?
Rosé is famous near and far with an unbelievable tiny waist of only 48cm. However, the female idol once corrected this measurement on the show ” King Of Masked Singer”. Rosé said, “I don’t think one person can live with a waist of 48cm. That’s the size according to the fans’ judgment. Recently, I asked the stylist of the group and she said the correct size of my waist. I’m 60cm”.

Every time Rosé appears, fans have to stare at the female idol’s record small waist. Seen from any angle, Rosé’s waist still looks very attractive. Although the number 11 abs is not clearly visible, the toned, unbelievably neat 2nd round of “Australian rose” is still seductive, adding femininity and flexibility to her in every photo

Rosé’s waistline looks unbelievably small and is the dream of many girls

Lisa: Under 60cm or 70cm?
There were many rumors that Lisa’s waist measurement was only 51cm, but there was also information that her waist even measured up to … 70cm. Ultimately, both of these numbers are incorrect. According to BLACKPINK’s stylist, Lisa wears size 0 pants and has a small waist below 60cm.

Lisa’s second round is as attractive and toned as her friend Rosé in the group. It is not natural that she is praised as a “holy body”, often taken as the standard for a beautiful body in Kbiz. The youngest member of BLACKPINK has a toned 2nd round, with a prominent abs line. Combined with long legs, perfect body proportions and well-proportioned bones, Lisa’s figure is truly dreamlike, as perfect as a mannequin.

On the stage…

… and even in real life, Lisa’s waist is still insanely beautiful

Lisa – Rosé’s waistline has become the Kpop standard. Every time a star shows off her slim waist, people compare it with 2 BLACKPINK beauties. Names with incredibly slim waists can be mentioned such as YooA (Oh My Girl), Yuna (ITZY), Seo Shin Ae, Winter (aespa)…

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