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Just bought an iPhone 13, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) was given a “basket” of super pretty new cases at a super price too

Jisoo is so happy, just bought an iPhone 13 and already has a bunch of cases to change by day.

After the expiration of her term as a brand ambassador for the Korean tech giant – Samsung, the eldest sister of BLACKPINK constantly checked-in with the white iPhone 12 Pro Max model and most recently bought the color iPhone 13 Pro Max model. Blue sierra hot hit has just been released.

Jisoo is the first member of BLACKPINK to own an iPhone 13 and also one of the first Korean idols to own this new model.

And like many people, the Dior ambassador also owns a warehouse of cases, the only difference is that Jisoo was given them! It seems that after many times of using Casetify’s usual case, the company gave Jisoo 5 new cases and tempered glass for the iPhone 13.

Dior Ambassador…

… love the lovely cases from Caserify

So the company gave Jisoo a new “basket” of super beautiful cases and the price is also super expensive

In the gift box, Jisoo received 5 cases with 4 of them costing 60 USd.and 1 unit costing 55 USD .along with tempered glass for 35 USD.,

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