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BLACKPINK fans ask for autographs of idols: Give Rosé’s solo album to Jisoo, who’s Lisa looking at the picture that she signed while apologizing?

BLACKPINK pampers fans so much, BLINKs are getting more and more unruly!

Around the beginning of October, Lisa had a visit to the beautiful country of France . Here, many fans were extremely lucky to have the opportunity to directly meet the youngest sister of BLACKPINK in real life.

Lisa had a visit to the beautiful country of France

There is an interesting story about getting Lisa’s autograph shared by a fan and received a lot of attention from BLINKs (fandom name BLACKPINK). Extremely happy to meet Lisa, a fan quickly wanted to capture this moment by asking her to sign her phone case. However, the case this friend is using has a photocard… of Jennie.

The fan asked Lisa to sign the case… there’s a photocard of Jennie

This photocard of Jennie is from the comeback Kill This Love

On the contrary, when asking for an autograph, Lisa took Jennie’s photocard. But the remarkable point is that after that, Lisa signed her name on the case and said “I’m sorry Jennie” because she was afraid that her signature would obscure or affect Jennie’s picture. The reaction of the youngest member of BLACKPINK has made fans “heartbroken” because of her cuteness.

Lisa then signed the case while saying “I’m sorry Jennie” so cute

Before that, BLACKPINK’s fans also made people around “fall back” because of another situation of asking for an autograph “going into the ground”. A BLINK had the opportunity to meet in person and ask for Jisoo’s autograph when she attended Paris Fashion Week at the end of September. But the surprise was that the fan gave Jisoo the solo album -R- by Rosé. Without hesitation, BLACKPINK’s eldest sister happily signed autographs on the cover of her group member’s solo album and sent it back to the fans.

The fan asked for Jisoo’s autograph with… Rosé’s solo album

Jisoo didn’t hesitate to give her autograph to a fan

Although it is a bit “unruly”, but it is undeniable that the cuteness from the fans of the 4 YG girls is undeniable. Moreover, not only famous for the closeness between the members, BLACKPINK is also loved by fans because of its lovely personality. The girls will always be ready to “pamper” BLINKs as long as you guys have fun!

BLACKPINK is always loved by fans because of her lovely personality

“Like idol, like fan” – both BLACKPINK idols and fans are so cute!

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