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Check out Lisa’s latest MV: Only a “fake” moment but even a basket of memes, Jisoo made a cameo without anyone noticing?

Especially Lisa, there is a whole basket of viral memes all over the internet!

After the solo debut with the album LALISA , on October 22, Lisa (BLACKPINK) continued to release a collaboration product with DJ Snake, Ozuna and Megan Thee Stallion through the song SG


MV SG – DJ Snake, Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion, Lisa (BLACKPINK)

With this MV, Lisa did not participate in the live recording with the rest of the artists, but there were still a few scenes appearing together by combining “without pretending”. It was those collages that became “resources” for fans to create 1001 memes for Lisa.

When the friends meet to dress up but forget to tell Lisa, it’s so annoying!

The orange looks like it’s filming an advertisement for a familiar e-commerce platform

From the original moment in the MV, Lisa got 1001 memes by fanti

Smile naturally!

Where did “NSND” Cardi B go to get lost here?

Welcome back to Lisa’s channel!

Does baby Lisa look cool?

After that, let’s go to work with Jennie!


In stressful times like playing “green light, red light”, just a confident smile is enough

Who is really Lisa?

Jisoo is famous as the psychological eldest sister, always accompanying and supporting the children’s individual activities. One way or another, Jisoo always follows Lisa closely in MVs that fans may not realize. Fanti found out that BLACKPINK’s eldest sister made a cameo in the MV SG here!

Looking at the big moon behind Lisa, what do you think of?

For a moment, does anyone remember Jisoo from Kill This Love?

One way or another, Jisoo always shows up to support her younger brother

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