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Not only the unbelievable small waist, Rosé (BLACKPINK) deserves the title of “holy body” thanks to this special part.

This "weapon" of Rosé's appearance (BLACKPINK) made the netizen unable to help but admire and admire.

Everyone knows that Rosé ( BLACKPINK ) is famous for her record small waist in Kpop. However, the eye-catching second round is not the only female idol’s body advantage. “Australian rose” also deserves the title of “holy body” thanks to its straight shoulders, perfect 90-degree perpendicular. Turns out, not only Jennie has a shoulder hanger, Rosé is also praised for her charming shoulders.

Most recently, the main vocalist of BLACKPINK has posted a series of photos showing off her beautiful ivory shoulder, right at a 90-degree angle. The square, straight but slim shoulders add femininity and flexibility to Rosé. Already slim and tall, her beautiful shoulders help Rosé even more elegant.

The dangerous photo angle helps Rosé show off her beautiful beauty and smooth white skin, fully showing off her fragile thin shoulders.

Looking at it from this angle, it can be clearly seen that Rosé has perfectly straight and square shoulders

The slim back silhouette is more beautiful and heart-fluttering thanks to her pearly shoulders

Not only has a record small waist, but Rosé also deserves the title of “holy body” thanks to her elegant shoulders

Besides Jenny,…

… Rosé is also a formidable name in BLACKPINK when it comes to beautiful roles

Rosé often wears sexy clothes showing off her sexy bare shoulders. Outstanding collarbones and perfect shoulders help Rosé deserve the title of “holy body

Slender, fragile shoulders combined with a small skeleton add to Rosé’s feminine and elegant aura

The sexy, elegant shoulders of the “Australian rose” make everyone admire

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