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Peel off the “first revealed” iPhone case model of Lisa (BLACKPINK), simple design but extremely expensive?

Although Lisa's iPhone case model is quite expensive

After the expiration of the term as brand ambassadors for tech giant Samsung, BLACKPINK members Jisoo, Rosé and Jennie openly used iPhones and constantly checked-in, took selfies with the company’s hot hit product models. from iPhone 12 to iPhone 13.

Both Jisoo and Rosé have switched from iPhone 12 to Apple’s new sierra blue iPhone 13

Jennie was still using the iPhone 12 Pro Max model when she last checked in

Only Lisa does not reveal any photos with smartphones, because she is currently the face of Vivo (a phone company from China). She often accompanies the company’s new product lines from about August 2020 until now.

… only Lisa is not because she is an ambassador for Vivo

In the latest image, when Lisa’s dance choreographer – Cheshir Ha checked-in with her on her personal Instagram, fans quickly noticed the iPhone model Lisa was using was the Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro max.

Fans once spotted Lisa using an iPhone in a photo taken after filming the show

And this is the iPhone case model being used by Lisa

Only revealed in a brief check-in photo that Lisa’s fans quickly peeled off the price of this case. This case model costs $ 90 , with a back made of polycarbonate and shock-resistant TPU.

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