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Kpop idols wear branded clothes like “market”, why is BLACKPINK also in here?

What a waste of Kpop idols spending a ton of money without anyone noticing!

They are all pet chickens of the big guys, so idols are often favored for wearing expensive branded outfits. But sometimes the saying “beautiful thanks to silk” cannot be applied in this case. The reason is because some Kpop idols who have fallen into the case of wearing branded clothes are mistaken for “scumbags”.

Wearing a Chanel baby doll dress, people thought that Jennie temporarily rented a Taobao dress to attend the event

Jennie used to wear a “cheesy” shirt that costs 675 usd but looks like it’s only worth 10 usd

 the outfit Rosé received is just like this! It’s not a problem to separate each dish, but when combined, they form a very confusing whole

 But if you look at it from another direction, this can still be suitable for Jisoo’s “candy” style when she first debuted.

but it completely does not match Lisa’s personality.

This “green” blouse costs nearly 19 million dong, can you believe it…

but when Chaeyoung put it on, it turned out to be… a sleeping dress!

but the stylist was too wrong to add a layer of chiffon on Jihyo. The result of this variation looks like a set of clothes “gathered” from a second-hand market

Stylist has “faded” the 595 usd skirt to the point that Tzuyu shows her protective pants, and also adds a big belt that doesn’t match, making her visuals significantly reduced!

Taking off her hoodie, Sana looks really old-fashioned in that striped dress


Here’s Givenchy, looks like Momo is wearing a dress bought on Shopee!

It was a disaster for stylist Lee Sung Kyung when she wore a nude corset inside a see-through shirt, which made the outfit negative and lost the charm needed for this light shirt.

As SM’s pet chicken, aespa can wear the whole Givenchy set to the event that people think it’s Taobao.

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