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Top 5 most watched Kpop girl groups in 9 countries: BLACKPINK did not win absolutely, lost to TWICE and rookie SM in 2 places

BLACKPINK holds many YouTube records, but they do not absolutely dominate the views in the Kpop girl group segment in the 9 countries below.

YouTube views partly reflect the popularity of K-pop idols around the world, but their ranking order is different in each country. Here are the 5 most viewed girl groups in 9 countries in the past month (October 2021), this chart shows the surprise when BLACKPINK, which is considered the “YouTube queen” because of its huge views, but lost its position. first position in 2 major markets.

1. Korea
In Korea, the girl group with the highest views in the past month is aespa . SM’s rookie earned 36.3 million views from people from this country, pushing BLACKPINK to 2nd place with 20.9 million views.

Not BLACKPINK, aespa is the most watched girl group in Korea in the past month


MV Savage – aespa

3rd place belongs to TWICE (19.5 million views). The group with their company ITZY ranked 4th with 19.4 million views – the number is not much different from the seniors. 5th place in the Korean chart is STAYC, a girl group from a small company, but the girls still excelled in earning 14.7 million views.

BLACKPINK is 2nd place

The remaining 3 positions belong to TWICE…


… and STAYC

2. Japan
In the land of cherry blossoms, BLACKPINK continued to lose the Champion position and this time they were usurped by TWICE . JYP’s girlgroup received 74.9 million views from people living in Japan, while rival YG ranked second with 20.2 million views.

TWICE is the most watched Kpop girl group in Japan


MV Perfect World – TWICE

ITZY ranks 3rd in the top most viewed K-pop girl groups in Japan, garnering 19.1 views in the past month. 4th and 5th place respectively belong to aespa (8.64 million views) and IZ*ONE (5.71 million views).

IZ*ONE still ranked 5th despite disbandment

3. Philippines
BLACKPINK did not win first place in Korea and Japan, but the 4 girls have regained their form in the rest of the countries on the list, starting with the Philippines. In this country, they topped with 52.4 million views in October 2021. TWICE was pushed to 2nd place when grossing 40.7 million views.

BLACKPINK won first place in the Philippines after being “usurped” in Korea and Japan


MV Lovesick Girls – BLACKPINK

3rd place continues to belong to ITZY (16 million views). aespa ranked 4th with 12.7 million views, and 5th place was “closed” by Red Velvet when their views were 5.53 million.

Red Velvet “closed” the top 5 after a series of familiar names

4. Indonesia
With 59.7 million views, BLACKPINK continues to be the most viewed girl group in the past month in Indonesia. However, the 2nd place has changed hands to aespa. SM’s rookie reached 27.6 million views, while TWICE dropped to 3rd place with 25.2 million views.

BLACKPINK continues to be at the top of girl group views over the past month in Indonesia

aespa surpassed TWICE and took 2nd place

ITZY ranked 4th with 24.7 million views. The last place in the top 5 belongs to Red Velvet (7.09 million views).

5. Thailand
In this country, BLACKPINK not only ranked first, but also received huge views: 99.3 million views. aespa continued to take second place with 14.8 million views, followed by TWICE (13.9 million).

BLACKPINK not only ranked 1st but also received nearly 100 million views in Thailand

The 4th place has not changed when it is still ITZY’s. The JYP girl group earned 9.98 million views in Thailand in October 2021, while Red Velvet ranked 5th (5.59 million views).



6. India
The most watched girl group in the past month in India was BLACKPINK, they collected 66.1 million views from the people of this country. The next 2 positions belonged to ITZY and aespa when they both reached 16 million views.


.. and aespa, they reached 16 million views together

TWICE dropped to 4th place (13.2 million views), while Red Velvet ranked 5th. However, Red Velvet’s views have a big difference compared to the above 4 girl groups when they only received 3.32 million views. .


MV Queendom – Red Velvet

7. Mexico
BLACKPINK dominated the views of K-pop girl groups in Mexico when garnering 40.5 million views in October 2021. TWICE regained their form when returning to No. 2, (22.3 million views), pushing ITZY down to No.3 (9.29 million views).

TWICE regains form when ranked 2nd in terms of girl group views in Mexico

aespa ranked 4th thanks to receiving 7.71 million views from people from this country. Meanwhile, MAMAMOO entered 5th place with 4.25 million views.


MV mumumumuch – MAMAMOO

8. Brazil
First place has not changed when it is still BLACKPINK, in the past month they have collected 33.5 million views. TWICE ranked second with 13.1 million views, and the third most viewed girl group belonged to ITZY with 8.46 million. 4th and 5th place respectively belong to aespa (7.93 million views) and Red Velvet (2.54 million views).

The first place of Kpop girl group in Brazil still belongs to BLACKPINK

9. America
In the world’s largest music market, BLACKPINK topped K-pop girl groups in terms of views over the past month. They earned 61.3 million views from the public in this country, while TWICE ranked 2nd with 18.1 million views.


MV Ice Cream – BLACKPINK x Selena Gomez


MV The Feels – TWICE

ITZY ranked 3rd with 10.9 million views, and the 4th most viewed girl group in the US was aespa (5.91 million views). The last place belongs to Red Velvet with 4.31 million views

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