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The cosmetologist confirmed that Rosé (BLACKPINK) had “cutlery” in 2 parts to have divine beauty

Rosé (BLACKPINK) has "cutlery" or not is still a mystery that makes netizens argue fiercely.

BLACKPINK is currently one of the most famous Kpop groups, the members are not only talented but also highly appreciated for their beauty. Rosé and the members also regularly appear in Korean beauty charts. However, recently, the female idol was called by a famous cosmetic doctor in the US, claiming that she had plastic surgery on 2 parts of her face.

This doctor named Charles S. Lee, who has produced a lot of beauty evaluation videos, pointed out that the stars have undergone plastic surgery even though they are only judged by photos. When it came to “Australian Rose”, Mr. Lee confirmed that Rosé had fixed her eyes and nose. First, he said that Rosé had performed minor eye enlargement surgery for $ 6,000 . In the past, Rosé had small, unattractive eyes that were completely different from her current big round eyes.

The plastic surgeon confirmed that Rosé had plastic surgery to get her current beauty

The doctor said that Rosé had enlarged the eye area to have big, round, beautiful eyes. The past and present photos of female idols are the clearest proof

Regarding Rosé’s nose, this doctor commented that: “When I look at her nose, I notice that the current nose is somewhat slimmer, the tip of the nose is also a bit wider. Before debut, it’s easy to see that her nose is much higher now. If you look closely at the tip of her nose, it’s clear that she used the method of rhinoplasty.” This doctor also thinks that the amount of money Rosé spent to have a perfect nose is $ 16,000

This clip was posted by Mr. Lee in March, when the BLACKPINK member was promoting solo. In recent days, this clip has been dug again, causing controversy throughout the forums. Many people think that Rosé has “successful puberty”, is well cared for and made up, so her beauty is becoming more and more obvious. But there are also many opinions that agree with Dr. Lee, saying that Rosé has really “cutlery” to get the current attractive beauty.

Rumors of “cutlery” always surround Rosé because of her less-glossy past images like this

Many people think that the female idol has “cutlery” to get the current face. Bigger eyes are the feature that helps Rosé to promote her spectacular beauty

Currently, Rosé has an undeniably beautiful face, extremely lovely and charming

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