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Jennie (BLACKPINK) suddenly revealed a purple “hint”… with a world soccer superstar on Instagram, what’s going on?

Who would have thought that Jennie (BLACKPINK) would reveal her "lovestagram" with the world famous soccer superstar.

Every post of Jennie ( BLACKPINK ) is also watched by fans to the fullest. However, until now, fans have discovered that Jennie once posted a series of photos accidentally revealing “lovestagram” with a world football superstar.

Just last December, the female idol YG once posted a series of pretty pictures in purple clothes, taken with the same color background. Coincidentally, Korean netizens found that football superstar Zinedine Zidane also wore similar outfits and posed with “purple looking sim” items. Not to mention, both Jennie and Zidane took pictures with their pets. Everyone knows this is just a coincidence, but the surprising similarity of the two still makes netizens find it interesting. The two stars “cannot shoot nor come”, have nothing to do with each other, but look like they are showing a “lovestagram” photo, causing netizens to burst out laughing.

Jennie’s previous series of lovely purple photos turned out to contain a “lovestagram” with… soccer superstar Zinedine Zidane. From the outfits to the pets, both pictures look so similar that it looks like they were arranged in advance

In December of last year, Jennie posted a series of luxurious photos with her pet dog Kai

Jennie shows off her beauty with her pet. At that time, who would have thought that this year, the series of purple shirt photos suddenly became hot again

Zidane also wears the same “purple looking for sim” outfit as Jennie. The soccer superstar is still smiling with her pet like a popular Korean female idol

In fact, Zinedine Zidane has been married for a long time

And Jennie is said to be dating G-Dragon. Earlier this year, Dispatch released a secret dating photo of the couple, but YG said it could not verify information related to the artist’s private life.

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